Epic Games Store Will Launch on iOS and Android This Year

Epic Games has just announced plans to bring its digital storefront to mobile platforms later this year. This was revealed by Steve Allison, general manager at Epic Games, during the tech titan’s GDC showcase. There wasn’t much said beyond the initial announcement, but concept art was flashed up to showcase what the mobile version of the Epic Games Store might look like.

Epic, But Mobile

On stage, Steve Allison said that the firm had been ‘tirelessly fighting’ against mobile gatekeepers, which was a sly nod to Apple and Google. In the last year or so, Epic Games has faced legal disputes against top-tier tech firms regarding the management of its games and applications on various devices and in certain regions.

During GDC, Epic Games revealed that to circumvent the restrictions and regulations put in place by these firms, it will be releasing its own mobile-based Epic Games Store before the year is over. This will also come with a string of new self-publishing tools that are focused specifically on mobile games.

With claims that the Epic Game Store has more than 270 million player accounts registered, it comes as no surprise that Epic wants to swoop up another vast portion of the market by reaching out across the most accessible platform in the business – mobile.

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