Every Game Shown At Six One Indie Showcase

Six One Indie held its spring showcase on Wednesday, and with it came a look at 39 indie games that are in development. We know it can be hectic to keep track of everything, so to keep it all in one place, we put together a roundup of every game that was shown during the Six One Indie Showcase for you to watch.

WATCH: Interview With Six One Indie

Check out the trailers and game information below, and let us know in the comments what games you are looking forward to the most. Please note that the games are listed in the order they were shown during the showcase.

Six One Indie Showcase Games


Helskate is a skateboarding action roguelite. Grind, perform tricks, and chain combos to power up your attacks to slay the monsters of Vertheim. Combine unique weapons and gear to suit your playstyle as you fight, die, and upgrade your abilities to come back to this labyrinth over and over again!

Berserk Boy

Berserk Boy is a high speed action packed Platformer, with Metroidvania elements. Packed with vibrant and stylish pixel art. Go Berserk! as you change into different forms and use the power of Lightning, Fire, Ice, Air, and Earth to save the planet! With music by Sonic Mania composer Tee Lopes.

Hailing from the Abyss

Hailing From the Abyss is a rhythm game with a unique duel setup. Beat powerful enemies in rhythmic battles by using consumables, acquiring power-ups, and skill. Guide Suri while she faces her past memories in style and rhythm!

CorpoNation: The Sorting Process

Greetings, valued employee. You have been tasked with sorting the Ringo CorpoNation’s genetic samples. With the credits that you earn, you can shop, game and pay your bills on time. Rogue workers may try to entice you into betraying your beloved employer, but we know you’ll give 110%.

Chasing The Unseen

Embark on a challenging journey as you climb colossal creatures, explore otherworldly landscapes, and find what you’ve been seeking.

Wrestling With Emotions II: New Kid on the Block

Create your ultimate muscle babe and punch, cuddle & smooch your way through the world’s cutest wrestling promotion! Wrestling with Emotions: New Kid on the Block is the pro wrestler dating sim of your dreams, buzzing with pop punk magic, and bursting with heart, humor & hand-crafted charm!

The Secret of Crystal Mountain

Crystal Mountain Isle was once the biggest exporter of magic crystals in the world; providing crystals to witches and wizards all over the world for generations – but then one day its exports suddenly stopped. The island has been shrouded in mystery ever since.

Now stranded on the mysterious island, you explore, get to know its residents and uncover its magical secrets. Run around, swim, climb, glide and use the unique abilities of your little bird friend. As you do, you’ll discover the story of what happened here and the “Greatest magic of all” that lies in the mountain itself.

Chicken Police: Into the HIVE!

A wild tale of loss, friendship, conspiracy, and… chickens?! Two rooster detectives are about to venture into the insect underworld to uncover a worldwide conspiracy, while also battling their inherent demons in this animal noir adventure satire.


A wild tale of loss, friendship, conspiracy, and… chickens?! Two rooster detectives are about to venture into the insect underworld to uncover a worldwide conspiracy, while also battling their inherent demons in this animal noir adventure satire.

30 Birds

30 Birds is a narrative puzzle game laid out on the surface of rotating lanterns. Wander a gorgeous open-world inspired by Persian art. Meet the local goofs, quirky Jinns and regular-old weirdos, and solve puzzles to help Zig rescue Simurgh, the missing bird Goddess!

Fowl Damage

Fowl Damage is an atmospheric puzzle platformer where your default jump provides enough fall damage to destroy you! Carefully manage your jumps and falls as you adventure through this chilling, beautiful, and occasionally cute world.

The Looter

The Looter is a 2D action-adventure game set in the post-apocalyptic land of Tortura, a giant forest that has slowly devoured the traces of civilization long gone. As the Looter, you set out on a mission that will take you through the most perilous corners of this dark and dangerous world


Blackheart is a 2D single-player dark fantasy action RPG centered around the royal Blackheart family and the internal conflicts that are consuming them from the inside out.


Akatori is an epic metroidvania where you wield your staff to fight, jump, and explore diverse realms across different eras. Join Mako on her journey to build friendships, face formidable foes, and uncover ancient gods while discovering her true self.


Slide pieces of the world to solve puzzles and help others. Control an ever-growing set of tiles and mechanics. Explore nine unique areas, unravel the mysteries of the universe, and reconnect the world — one slider at a time.

Victory Heat Rally

An intense, retro arcade-style racer that embodies the spirit of classic 90’s racing games. Experience high-speed action, vibrant retro aesthetics, and non-stop drifting thrills as you challenge friends-turned-rivals. Get ready for an exhilarating ride!

#DRIVE Rally

#DRIVE Rally lets you relive the 90s in the most exciting era in motorsport history, where dust, mud, and snow are badges of honor. Unleash the raw power of legendary rally beasts, admire every second of the stunning landscapes, and remember: the faster you go, the better!


REDLINE CROOKS is a fast-paced roguelite combat racing game in which you destroy cops, walls and possibly yourself in a chaotic pursuit of freedom and riches. Upgrade, Slam, Taunt and Boost your way out of imprisonment through the lawless roads that lie ahead, and you may find personal absolution.


SAY ANYTHING in this bizarre dungeon adventure where words control everything. Fill in the blanks with text or voice to uncover lost abilities, solve strange quests, and play unexpected mini-games. Use your words to conquer the crypt and unleash a whole new kind of “spell casting!”

Tavern Talk

A cozy visual novel about running a tavern in a D&D-inspired fantasy! Gather rumors, serve magical drinks, and meet adventurers on a life-changing quest.

Call of Boba

Call Of Boba is a Simulation Roguelite RPG. Save a struggling boba tea shop, Battle enemies with boba tea ingredients, develop relationships, complete town tasks, mini-games, and fishing quests. All in “Call Of Boba”.


Go on a fun adventure in a completely hand-crafted world to save the annual music festival! Meet a quirky cast of characters and explore the city to find out who’s trying to sink live music. Solve sound based puzzles and make cool tapes along the way!

Echo of the Waves

Echo of the Waves is a poetic and atmospheric watercolor-painted exploration game where you play music to interact with nature.


Embark on an enchanting journey and brave ferocious creatures in an immersive medieval fantasy world. Will you settle a new homestead to live a life of farming and trade, or pick up the sword and take up the adventurers’ path?


STAND-ALONE is an Action Roguelite with Fluid Pixel animation and Skill-Deck Building. Step into and be a sheep armed with a sci-fi greatsword, carving a path through wolves. Modify your skills within the desolate worlds of a sci-fi apocalypse to create a unique combat style that is all your own.

Grimoire Groves

Become a masterful witch as you grow cute plant creatures with your magic in this cozy rogue-lite dungeon crawler. Craft powerful spells and items, discover new plant types, befriend magical creatures, and restore the magical forest.

The Beauty Cult’s NECTARMANCER

NECTARMANCER tells the story of Aisa, the conscripted Nectarmancer for The Throne in this visually stunning action platformer and “gardenvania” by The Beauty Cult.

The Good Ghouls

The Good Ghouls is a brawler-meets-adventure game combining beat ’em up gameplay with campy horror fun. Play and upgrade your favorite ghoul, meet quirky characters alongside a killer soundtrack, and fight a demonic robot uprising to take back the town of Ghoulcrest.

Undead West

A western themed roguelite bullet hell where the player uses an array of weapons, whiskey infusions and buffs gained from defeating bosses to complete each stage.

Dark and Deep

A conspiracy podcast drags you into a world of mystery and terror. Reveal secrets and horrors with mystical frames given to you by a strange observer. Dark and Deep is a first person cosmic horror game with a focus on puzzles and exploration.


Embrace the darkness as a demon-possessed altar boy in this Horror RPG. Explore the city, battle demons, upgrade your weapons, and embark on an unforgettable journey with unique characters and anime-style cutscenes.

Water Me & You

“Water, Me & You” is an exclusive co-op adventure 3D puzzle platformer set in a cozy- post-apocalyptic world, where you play as a water droplet and seed-like creature that can change states on a journey to rejuvenate their world.

Projected Dreams

Fulfill the dreams of the shadow girl by dragging toys from the shelves and dropping them onto the table to create a shadow play. As the shadows you cast become real objects and the environment around you changes and evolves, the lines between reality and fantasy blur.


A narrative-driven game about rejection, belonging and the true meaning of home. It follows the story of a newly adopted shelter cat who becomes the victim of an elaborate plan when a jealous, stray copycat steals her place in the household.

Lost In Space – The Adventure Game

“Danger! Danger!” Play as Will Robinson, Dr. Smith and Robot in this 3D, point & click adventure game based on the TV show: Lost in Space. Explore treacherous environments, outwit classic Villains and solve countless puzzles and mysteries to rescue your fellow crew members of the Jupiter 2.

Finding Frankie

Finding Frankie invites YOU to participate in Frankie’s terrifyingly twisted parkour game show. Stealthily navigate around horrifying characters, tackle obstacle courses, and swing and wall-jump through challenging parkour courses! This is a game show you wouldn’t want to miss!


SULFUR is a modern old-school action-adventure: Outsmart enemies, find treasure, improve weapons, harness powers. Delve deeper, find answers, make it end.


MULLET MADJACK is a single-player fast-paced FPS that brings you directly inside a CLASSIC ANIME. Power up your character and reach the last floor; Beat your best time or try again. Haste makes waste… OF YOUR ENEMIES!

Forge of the Fae

Explore a story-rich, mysterious world inspired by Celtic folklore, use crystals to channel powerful magic, and make impactful choices that change the story’s outcome. A unique Crystal System and battles with dangerous Fae await in this charming, pixel-style, retro modern RPG.