Call of Duty Cheat Provider Interwebz Shuts Down After Legal Notice

Call of Duty Warzone Team
Image via Activision

Interwebz, a cheat provider for Call of Duty, announced on its official website today that it is shutting down existing services.

The announcement explains that Interwebz “received a legal notice” regarding their products, and “don’t have many other options available”. Interwebz provided cheat services for years.

Renowned Call of Duty community member @charlieINTEL posted the full statement on Twitter, bidding them “good riddance”.

Many other Call of Duty fans were also pleased to learn about the shutdown. Cheating has been a serious issue in Call of Duty. It unbalances online matches, deters new players, and can even damage the pros in high stakes matches.

The Activision Blizzard Twitter account was hacked just last week. Activision later reassured fans that it had control of the account again. The company said that “we take security seriously and we plan to investigate what occurred to avoid situations such as these in the future”.

It’s unclear if this incident is in any way related to Interwebz, or if Activision was directly involved in the legal notice.

In February, Activision banned 6,000 Call of Duty cheaters in just four days. Activision’s Team RICOCHET has proven increasingly effective, lately.

Call of Duty’s latest Season 2 Reloaded update rolled out earlier this month. Sledgehammer Games also recently teased the possible return of Capture the Flag in Modern Warfare 3.

However, most fans are looking forward to Call of Duty Warzone Mobile right now. The game launches everywhere tomorrow, March 21st.

Call of Duty is clearly on an upswing, and hopefully other cheat providers shut down soon. The legal notice that cornered Interwebz might only be the first.

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