Diablo 4’s Next Season Will Change The Face of the Game

Recently, the Diablo 4 developer team hosted a ‘Campfire Chat’ update that revealed the future of the game – namely the Season 4 update that was just delayed. It’s not expected to arrive until May 14 now, and when it does come around, it’s set to change the face of the game, for better or worse. Between April 2 – 9, users in the PTR will be able to soak up the new changes, so it won’t be long before opinions start surfacing, but at first blush, some of the changes are fairly controversial.

Changes on Changes

With the Season 4 update, Diablo 4 will be undergoing some monumental changes. At the heart of the update sits a complete overhaul of the looting system in Diablo 4, which impacts character progression. Blizzard has boosted the flexibility of items and will introduce two all-new crafting systems that encourage deeper customisation of loot items.

Despite the additions, it has been referenced that stats will be simplified and more digestible than ever before, and loot that drops during combat will be ‘more relevant’ to the player’s chosen class. New trading mechanics are being introduced that will allow users to swap Legendary items with other players – there’s also a rework involving the Codex of Power.

Blizzard has also tweaked Diablo 4’s endgame, introducing tougher bosses and dungeons that’ll tax even the most experienced players. There is a huge number of changes on the cards for Season 4, but players will need to wait longer than expected to soak them up, thanks to the recent pushback.

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