Xbox Wants The Next Fallout Game To Come Sooner, It’s Claimed

next fallout game

Fallout is running rampant at the moment, but it’s not all for good reasons. In recent weeks, we’ve seen the Fallout TV show released to an overwhelmingly popular reception and the player counts across the entire catalogue of games skyrocket on all platforms. On the other hand, we also saw the Fallout 4 next-gen update release in a woeful state, disappointing fans worldwide.

Now, it has been claimed that Xbox is hyper-aware of the anticipation for the next Fallout game and is eager to explore opportunities to make that arrive sooner rather than later.

2030s, Minimum

Presently, it’s expected that the next Fallout game – potentially just ‘Fallout 5’ – won’t arrive until the 2030s. Bethesda Game Studios needs to finish the development on Starfield and then create and release The Elder Scrolls 6. It was recently revealed that a playable build of The Elder Scrolls 6 exists, but it’s years from completion.

With that in mind, and taking into consideration the recent popularity explosion of the Fallout franchise, it comes as no surprise that Xbox wants to expedite the development of Fallout 5.

On a recent episode of The Xbox Two Podcast, Jez Corden claimed that ‘the company is aware’ of the demand for the Fallout label, and everyone is acutely aware of how successful the next title in the series will be. At this point, one of the only avenues the company could take to speed up the development of Fallout 5 is to take it away from Bethesda Game Studios entirely. That would make it the first major Fallout game not developed by Bethesda since 2010’s Fallout New Vegas.

The hype will inevitably die off, but now there’s a stellar television series in the mix, and each new season will bring players flooding back – should Xbox take advantage of that trending timeline?

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  1. What about Outer Worlds 2? Also they could have easily hired someone third party to remake New Vegas like Saber and they could have had New Vegas 2 finally in development that would be a big announcement. Once again awful management at Xbox. Banjo was in Smash perfect opportunity to have something but no they let the hype die, KI is a great instead of making a sequel or buying the initial studio they let the franchise go dormant again, Cliff wants back in on Gears they refuse to respond, Conker has demand they forget him again, Battletoads had hype after KI they drop the ball with a kids game, Crimson Skies is on BC they don’t follow up with anything, Ryse was a success they let that die, Insomniac wanted to make a Conker game with them they tell them have the game ready to show in a year or we can’t do it, they own ABK now they haven’t brought anything back just dumped stuff, they announced DOA BC but no new DOA or Itagaki return a guy who would love to work for Xbox unlike others, Sony has a hit with SpiderMan they don’t think it would be smart to get something like Batman, Platinum wants to make Scalebound they refuse they won’t even get a more reliable studio to take over, then there’s Phantom Dust a game they never released the remake off. Halo has just been trash for years. At what point do the current head people get fired?

  2. They better buy EA then and get more manpower to make that happen. I mean Motive could probably crank out a remake of New Vegas at least while Obsidian cooks on the story for a proper sequel.

  3. This confirms the Halo show was a flop then because no one cared. If the Gears Of War movie and show for Netflix take off will they finally bring CliffyB back to the franchise? Make a Conker adult cartoon maybe we can finally get that back and a adaption of Protoype maybe that will get them to remake that game.

  4. We’ll plan better next time! Everyone knows they should have had New Vegas 2 in early development after the Bethesda deal closed. This shows how incompetent they are all of the people at Xbox leadership need to be fired finally. Phil, Sarah, Matt, Aaron, everyone! Bring back Sheamus and Fries. While your at it hire people who understand how to make video games like John Carmack, John Romero, Chris Avellone, Warren Spector, Tomonobu Itagaki, David Jaffe, John Tobias, Dan Houser, you know people like that.

  5. No duh! How far behind is Outer Worlds 2 then? We know Bethesda has Elder Scrolls 6 up next and that’s potentially a next gen game. Fallout 5 wouldn’t be a thing until the 2030’s. Microsoft once again showing they don’t understand game development they might want to pour more into AI now to develop games at a faster rate.

  6. They’ll be shocked in 2030 whenever when the hype is dead. Right now only normies are into the show give it a another season and this will fade away then what? Microsoft did this with Killer Instinct 2013 last gen they fumbled it so bad not to mention the entire generation. Maybe in 2039 when the game releases and bombs Phil will be fired.

  7. They better be ready for that Indiana Jones game to tank. This is an example of how out of touch they are they should have had something ready to go. Also where’s the new Doom and Wolfenstein 3? It’s been forever. It’s literally like it takes them 10 years to realize a game should be made then it’s a 25/75 chance it gets made or made good.

  8. There’s interest in rap beef right now get a Def Jam 4 made there that’s your big thing.

  9. There’s so many other opportunities they fumbled now this too. I wish I had a job where I could do nothing and be paid hundreds of millions to continue to cause the company losses.

  10. They need to buy more studios that’s the problem. They should buy EA and Take Two. Strike while ahead EA’s studios can help Fallout 5 come out quicker alongside other troubled projects like Perfect Dark, Fable, and Halo just take the studios off Battlefield finally. Codemasters could help out Forza since that launch was a mess and Take Two back them up with the other studios on Red Dead 3 and GTA 6 so they deliver it on time. Don’t miss out on the hype for those.

  11. The problem is in today’s industry they need way more studios. EA would be the perfect fit Microsoft wants a in house engine they have one, Microsoft needs studios with experience they have them, Apex is a mainstream title, Sims a casual mainstream title, and the annual sports games would be huge launching in Game Pass it would be the biggest reason to buy into the service. Dice can handle support for Perfect Dark with knowledge from Mirror’s Edge and they won’t have to make Battlefield anymore, BioWare knows ARPG’s so they can take over Fable, Codemasters would be a huge support to Forza maybe make it more profitable as a F2P game, Respawn could handle Halo or go back to Titanfall, EA Vancouver has some fighting game experience give them Killer Instinct, and Motive could get back to Dead Space 2 remake. So it helps with troubled projects and get some more exclusives as well as a in house engine. Not to forget major titles like Apex, Sims, and EA sports which bring in tons.

  12. That won’t happen if they do that it’s another Starfield situation or worse. They did this with Halo Infinite, Starfield, Redfall, now this and Fallout 5 hasn’t even started development so imagine the nightmare they’re going to release if Xbox higher ups have their way. Reminder they brought in help for Perfect Dark and Fable those games still have no gameplay or release window in sight and let’s not forget about Everwild which hasn’t been talked about since Xbox 1.

  13. Just remake New Vegas have someone do that and you can have a Fallout product for modern consoles out sooner that will actually be good. If you rush a new Fallout it will be awful.

  14. Been a Bethesda guy since 1994. But with how Starfield turned out, I think I’ll have to move on at some point.

  15. This is why Microsoft should buy EA. EA has a ton of studios that can help with development of Fallout moving forward and other games. Microsoft needs in house studios. The Activision deal helped with library but they need more studios who aren’t busy with COD.

  16. Fans wanted new vegas 2 where’s that? Xbox is just beyond stupid not to mention how many other games have had only cg trailers from them with no gameplay or updates in years? I don’t know do they need more studios maybe but they for sure need a leader

  17. They bought Bethesda back in 2020 they could have had this all set up years ago. They owned Obsidian back in 2019 I think so all of this could have been set up for a New Vegas 2. They could have outsourced New Vegas remake or given it to 343 or Coalition to work on just so something could be available sooner.

  18. This is why Microsoft needs to buy more publishers with the way games are made now you need massive amounts of teams even something like Activision Blizzard isn’t enough to support multiple games they can only support Call Of Duty really. Microsoft should buy EA next, if they’re under the same umbrella as Call Of Duty they don’t need to make Battlefield anymore and can support other titles which is what Xbox needs.

  19. You know Xbox I would love for you to actually make good games and bring back all these dead IP.

  20. Let obsidian make it they did a great job with New Vegas and they are also part of the Xbox family now too. Seems like a no brainer to me

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