Fallout Debuts to Stellar Reviews and Stunning Scores

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The Fallout TV show premieres today (6 PM PT) and early impressions are flooding in, with several outlets having published full reviews of the entire first season. There are eight episodes to digest, each one bursting with some of the most authentic live-action representations of the popular post-apocalyptic franchise ever seen. It’s going down as one of the best video game adaptations ever produced, and there are already monumental expectations for the second season.

The Apocalypse Never Looked So Good

At the time of writing, Fallout boasts a rating of 91% on Rotten Tomatoes. By comparison, The Last of Us – an Emmy-award-winning series, is sitting on a rating of 96%. Over time, live-action adaptations of games are becoming increasingly better and more polished, but Fallout is taking that concept to a whole new level. It’s unapologetically rooted in everything Fallout fans have come to know and love – there’s plenty of dark humour, violence, and enough retro-futuristic references to make it instantly recognisable on the surface.

By the end of the first episode, several storylines have been kicked off, and there are enough twists and turns to keep viewers fully engaged for the entire hour. It’s the perfect introduction to the Fallout universe, and even newcomers will be left wanting more – which is fortunate, as all eight episodes are available on Prime Video from the moment the series goes live.

The acting is perfect, the casting is sublime, the set pieces and costumes are drop-dead perfect, and the writing is almost flawless. As a Fallout fan, there’s so little to find wrong with this production. It’s something we waited many years to receive, and now that it’s here, it seems almost unreal – the whole world is watching Fallout, which is nothing short of incredible for those fans who have stuck with the series all this time.

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