Fortnite Leak Reveals Avatar Crossover Rewards And Details

Fortnite Myths And Mortals

In a new post on Twitter, reliable Fortnite leaker @HYPEX revealed both free and paid rewards for upcoming Avatar content, as well as its release time and pricing.

According to the leak, the anticipated Avatar: The Last Airbender content will release on Friday. Further, @HYPEX claims that “the paid version costs 1k VBucks.”

The leak reveals a lot of fun fan service. The free content has some obligatory nods like Appa and a cabbage-themed emote. But there’s also the Dramyin instrument and Sokka’s “space sword”, which appears later in the show.

The paid content concentrates on Aang, featuring the Aang’s Air Sphere emote and his iconic nomad staff. But the highlight is undoubtedly the Momo Messenger cosmetic, a must-have for ATLA fans.

If the price tag for the paid content proves true, it would certainly please the fanbase. Players have widely criticized Fortnite’s recent store prices, and the paid content could have easily run for two thousand VBucks instead.

Fans consider many recent store additions to be overpriced. Further, the Fortnite team posted a new blog post yesterday, revealing that the shop will remove cosmetic color tiers and names.

It’s one of several strange updates that faced immediate backlash, such as the movement changes from December 2023. With Fortnite’s rarity shakeup, future store prices seemed a little unclear.

@HYPEX’s new post also adds validity to @ShiinaBR’s Avatar leak yesterday, which revealed many upcoming Fortnite cosmetics in a roundup video. @ShiinaBR is also reputable, and they teased a wide range of cosmetics in-game.

Officially, Fortnite did announce a collaboration with Coachella this week. It will feature various Jam Tracks and cosmetics that tie into the actual music event. This even includes Doja Cat and Sabrina Carpenter emotes.

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