Fortnite Update Fixes Movement, Locker Improvements Coming Soon

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Fortnite has rolled out a new update that improves the recent movement changes, and the devs will address the divisive Locker UI sometime soon.

A new update blog explains that “movement speed has been increased when crouching, and running”. The devs also adjusted the camera movement and animations.

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The new update directly addresses Fortnite’s recent movement changes. Fans widely found them unexpected and highly divisive. It slowed key mechanics down to encourage strategy, but many found that clunky.

The devs even issued an official response earlier this month, assuring that they heard the concerns.

But the team initially seemed to hope that fans would simply become accustomed to the new system, instead of rolling anything back. Today’s swift update implies they are definitely hearing the community.

Similarly, fans weren’t too happy with the updated Locker UI. Fortunately, the Fortnite team just officially responded to feedback about the Locker UI in a new tweet.

They are actively working on the Locker UI, and they expect to improve the design “over the next few updates”.

The new Locker UI ultimately created inconvenient grouping and selection issues. It became harder to distinguish rarity or even navigate the UI.

Players had already hoped for more presets instead of limitations and separation. There have been years of cosmetics to unlock and organize.

The devs have not clarified precisely what changes they are working on. However, they are openly communicating with Fortnite fans, and their response to the movement backlash might signal a similar update for the Locker.

Fortnite is rapidly expanding with the addition of Rocket Racing and Fortnite Festival. But the next update is already “planned for early 2024”, so the Fortnite team isn’t losing pace.

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