Fallout 76 Map Expansion Coming Late 2024

Fallout 76 Virginia Concept Art

Fallout 76 will roll out a new map expansion sometime “later in 2024”, according to a new official blog. A concrete release date was not confirmed.

However, the blog does announce this map expansion will explore Virginia, into “the wooded heartland of Shenandoah”. This will be accompanied by a new questline, as well as more factions and rewards.

This announcement coincided with the final Inside the Vault of 2023.

A single image of concept art for the new area was revealed in a tweet from Bethesda Game Studios. The concept art features a secluded clearing in Virginia and a terrifying storm:

Fallout 76 has improved a great deal since its troublesome launch, so it may have redeemed itself over the years.

Today’s blog even mentions that “17 million players have experienced new Fallout tales and characters with Wastelanders”.

Although, just last June the numbers were significantly lower. It’s surprising to hear that millions of players may have jumped in. It’s currently unclear if the new count is a minor typo or not.

Adding another map expansion is pretty ambitious for Fallout 76, and it looks like an excellent direction. The fresh landscape is ripe for some fascinating factions and story beats.

The concept art also promises the same sense of scale and intrigue fans have come to expect.

Today’s blog also delves into details about other upcoming changes. It seems there will be a new emphasis on Seasonal Events in 2024. Fallout 76 will be running Seasonal Events more frequently, each with brand-new rewards.

The devs also announced plans for “several additional features and improvements”. But they did not confirm the scope or nature of these updates. Naturally, there were no release windows either.

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