Fortnite Officially Responds to Movement Feedback

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Fortnite has issued an official response via Twitter following fan division over the movement update, which altered the speed and animation.

The team has stated that although they “definitely hear the concerns”, they will essentially wait for players to give this a chance. In the same thread, they added that PC players might need to adjust their default settings for better results:

At first glance, today’s response sounds like they are simply asking players to get used to it and check their settings. But the team responded quickly and openly, with phrases like “we’re still here with you” that sound genuinely supportive.

Fans praised the communication with this tweet, which can be pretty unusual for games of any size. The tweet also directly addresses how unusual the new movement may feel, and the devs define their various reasons behind this change.

However, Fortnite’s adamant stance will likely still annoy some fans, following the backlash. Players generally found the previous system to be fairly balanced, already.

So, many have considered the new movement update an unnecessary change. The movement update is also a surprisingly big change, when Fortnite appeared to be aiming for nostalgia with OG.

Adjusting the movement has shaken up the meta, and it affects building in particular. It may be less flexible for some, and everyone will have to reconsider their moment-to-moment decisions. The update seems less easygoing, and intentionally aims to promote tactical pacing.

Still, there are many who don’t mind the update. And for those who were hoping for the devs to apologize and revert, there’s still hope. Especially if fan backlash remains consistent over time. The team may still add some tweaks here and there to fine-tune the update.

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  1. Fortnite please remove the new movement it makes the gameplay suck PLEASE REMOVE AND NEW MOVEMENT AND LET THE OLD NORMAL ONE PLEASEEEE

    1. Agreed, gave the new movement a chance over the past two days, and it is unbearable. From the clunky movement, aim is entirely impossible, and the building is extremely difficult given the slow clunky movement. The map is beautiful and amazing, but the new movement ruin the entire experience. Revert the movement, as the players base is leaving the game in droves, again…

    2. Pls the movement is so slow this isn’t fortnite it’s movement is looking like worzone with the bot walking
      Pls epic change it otherwise u will probably be losing alot of players

  2. Não percebo este fortnite este movimento está completamente horrivel quando as pessoas tão a voltar ao jogo fazem um update pior para as pessoas sairem do jogo já tinha deixado de jogar por os maps que tinham posto pois eram super maus agora que voltou ao fortnite og vem que obtiveram um exeletne sucesso de pessoas que tinham deixado de jogar e voltaram e fazem depois o pior update da história com o movimento mas foleiro e horrivel da historia eu digo sinceramente se fortnite não der mas ouvidos aos fãs e a comunidade vai acabar por ser o jogo mas ultrupassado da história a unica coisa que fazia me querer jogar fortnite é que era um jogo bom e único não existia nenhum igual e agora tão a arruinar tudo

  3. i agree it is horrid with the new movement not to mention how is it that they slow down the normal run and increase the speed of the storm the og map really brought fortnight back for me and now epic have ruined it the reload speed is dreadful on all the guns tbh the game with its current structure is terrible

  4. FORTINTE SUCKS NOW we have og movement for years and no one complained about it so why change it please get it back ??

  5. The knew movement is horrible, you should change back the movement to the original and if you don’t you are basically asking people to quit Fortnite

  6. Fortnite please change this movement it’s so bad no one likes it also put in some OG like the pump tactical shotgun and the sniper please fix this movement

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