Outcast A New Beginning Is Launching March 2024

Outcast A New Beginning Slade

Appeal Studios’ anticipated revival Outcast – A New Beginning will officially launch on March 15th, 2024, according to a new tweet:

Outcast – A New Beginning will be available on PC for $59.99, and Xbox Series X|S or PlayStation 5 for $69.99.

The game is a long-awaited revival of the late 90’s classic, which gained recognition for its sense of humor and establishing the open world genre.

Publisher THQ Nordic joined the trend of teasing announcements with a promo that resembles GTA 6. Fans hoped it would involve the next installment of the Darksiders series, and some might be disappointed.

However, there may still be genuine interest in Outcast. The original game released in 1999, but it’s been remastered and remade over the years. The remake, Outcast – Second Contact, launched in 2017 and received strong reviews.

Outcast – A New Beginning revealed a new combat trailer just a couple of weeks ago. It looks promising for longtime fans, and surprisingly matches the tone of the original:

Still, Outcast is a much older game, and the open world novelty isn’t enough anymore.

The characterization and combat could go a long way. But the pricing of Outcast – A New Beginning could work against it, especially with new players.

Further, the developer Appeal Studios only just launched Gangs of Sherwood last week to mixed reviews.

Gangs of Sherwood seemed to aim for the same goofy charm as Outcast, but ultimately missed the mark for most players. Still, Gangs of Sherwood had a lower price tag, and cooperative gameplay.

Either way, sci-fi tropes and open world games have evolved a lot since 1999. Ideally, Outcast – A New Beginning will use this as ammunition for the signature comedy and playful fun.

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