Manor Lords Soars at Launch Following Popular Wishlist Period

manor lords launch

Manor Lords has finally been released after being one of the most-wanted Steam games for several months. Presently, it’s the best-selling game on the platform and has pulled in a peak player count of almost 160,000 users, many of whom are leaving very positive reviews about the medieval city-building strategy game.

Before Manor Lords hit the market, it smashed through a monumental milestone, securing a spot on more than three million Steam wishlists.

Be The Lord of Your Manor

Some early reviews stress that Manor Lords feels incomplete but still offers a wonderful experience. It’s an innovative and intriguing title that allows players to get as close as possible to the city they’re building, walking the streets as the Manor Lord himself and checking in on their subjects across the realm.

At first blush, there’s a lot wrapped up in Manor Lords, but the potential for it to serve as a foundation leading to something much more impressive is there. It has already grabbed the attention of millions of gamers worldwide, and within a few steps, the solo developer (that’s right, solo) could solidify the game’s place as one of the all-time greats in the genre.

Manor Lords is available now on PC and Xbox Series X|S.

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