All-Time PlayStation Download Numbers Revealed in Leak

playstation network numbers

In a recent leak – which is associated with last year’s mega-leak from Insomniac Games – it seems as though digital download data from PlayStation’s PSN platform has surfaced, stretching back to the origins of the service. In this data, we get an in-depth look at data (as of midway through 2023) that reveals the financial revenue and total download numbers of every first-party title ever released on the PlayStation Network.

Staggering Performance

In the documents, which were posted recently on ResetEra, we get an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at PSN’s financial performance stretching back to when the service first began, more or less. In an expansive spreadsheet, we can trawl through the number, identifying exactly how many copies of any specific first-party games were bought and downloaded digitally.

For instance, the document reveals that – as of mid-2023 – The Last of Us 2 secured an LTD revenue of $242 million, pulling in a whopping 6.3 million digital downloads.

Elsewhere, Spider-Man topped the charts, netting $315 million in revenue and topping off at 8.3 million downloads.

There are more than 500 games featured on the list, which includes PlayStation Classics titles and handheld games. At the very opposite end of the spectrum sits ‘PS3 Classic Dual Pack – MediEvil / Syphon Filter’, which made just $60 LTD and was downloaded 10 times. It’s one of the most comprehensive breakdowns of digital download data we’ve ever seen.

In total, the document tallies up a revenue count worth $4 billion with 171 million downloads.

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