Kingdom Hearts 4 Set to Release in 2025, Insider Claims

kingdom hearts 4

It has been claimed that Kingdom Hearts 4 will be released in 2025. This news comes via DanielRPK on Twitter, who published the claim through his Patreon platform – but the news was quickly circulated on social platforms. Since Square Enix revealed Kingdom Hearts 4 in 2022, everything has gone relatively silent, so it seems like if it is to be released in 2025, the first major trailer for the game will drop soon.

Still Cooking

It was reported that development on Kingdom Hearts 4 – stylised as Kingdom Hearts IV – began in 2020, which means Square Enix has been cooking on the project for quite some time. It seems it’ll be a direct follow-up to 2019’s Kingdom Hearts 3 (stylised as Kingdom Hearts III), but that’s an educated guess.

There are a few scrappy details about Kingdom Hearts 4 floating around, such as the report that it’s the base plate for the ‘Lost Master’ story arc set in Quadratum. There’s a multiverse style of play, with several worlds being open for exploration by the player. Sora will face Heartless as the game unfolds, and the character’s ‘daily life’ will be explored in greater depth.

As someone who has never even sniffed a Kingdom Hearts game, that means nothing to me, but more power to those who can’t wait for this game to be released.

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  1. So you make a post on a topic you no nothing about 🙄🙄. Why did you write the article if you know nothing of the game. Do better 😑

  2. This means nothing!!! When will they start the rollout? When’s the next trailer, the next gameplay reveal, how long until the next game, will we get Verum Rex?!

  3. The attitude at the end isn’t needed we don’t need your personal takes. Give us news not your opinion.

  4. What was the cause for they delay and will we get more than 1 KH game this gen? The 2000’s were so much better at least then we got the handheld games now we have to wait 10+ years for a KH game.

  5. I could do with more journalism and less personal takes. Is this leaker even reliable? It feels like every game we hear this and then a year goes by and still nothing and worse even more years.

  6. That means nothing where is the new trailer I don’t believe this unless until they confirm it even then after what happened to 3 I can see this getting delayed too.

    1. True I thought if they showed gameplay the game must be soon to release apparently not.

  7. Does anyone care at this point 3 had a mess of a story and then the dlc added some clarity but not enough and they charged you extra for it and now we have to wait 6+ years to get a new game. You basically told fans to fuck off and prioritized underperforming Final Fantasy games instead this game won’t save you Square be prepared to go bankrupt for bad decisions!

  8. If that’s true then why haven’t they talked about it? Nomura is talking about FF7 P3 coming out before this and Yoko Shimomura said she hasn’t even began making music for the game yet. I think voice actors said they haven’t recorded lines yet but are scheduled to. This game is probably a 2026 title earliest or worst case a 2028 game if Square is still open.

    1. Yes!! This! If it’s ready for next year then show footage. Nomura said we would see something after the summer of 2023 but nothing came and he’s since avoided talking about the game at all. If music isn’t even made this game is very far away and they showed it way too early. I think it could even be worse they release essentially a story dlc as a full price $70 game where it’s just a mediocre story and much shorter than the previous games then make matters worse do long term dlc pass for you to buy more of the new story chapters as dlc and charge you $70-60 for each chapter.

  9. The last game took forever and didn’t live up to the hype this has to repair that and it probably won’t. I don’t think they know what fans want it honestly feels like they ignore the actual fans and listen to these millennial boomers who hate the series but want to have their opinions on the series to be heard even though they will never buy the games and they don’t understand the story. First thing they need to answer the Yozora question, who is Demnyx, Marluxia and Larxene finally return as they were, the Final Fantasy characters are back, Sora finally meets up with Neku in Shibuya, and honestly fans don’t want the Disney worlds anymore outside Mickey’s cast we don’t need the modern Disney stuff in this game no Marvel no Star Wars no Fox no Pixar. Then there’s the Foretellers and their whole story which is still
    missing some also what’s in the box? They need to rejuvenate the series. Last time Nomura just took revenge out on the series and turned it into “why I should have made Versus 13 instead” I say he should have made Verum Rex or Versus 13 instead of this if it’s just a worse story than 3 because that “saga” ended horribly outside of the BBS and 358 characters. There’s also the girl Lea and Isa mentioned they were supposed to protect and why don’t Kairi and Sora remember the BBS cast but Riku does? It’s also annoying they keep calling Lea Axel even though he keeps correcting them. Bringing back Xion and Namine felt unnecessary also it took away from their big moments in 2 and 358 same with Roxas’s return. It would have been better if it was a temporary return just so the memory of them could be remembered instead of what 3 did. What happened during the first Keyblade Wars? I still don’t get why they just didn’t say this was Shibuya from TWEWY instead of Quadratum would have been way easier. Honestly I hope Nomura ties this to Versus 13 and just says that Yozora is a nobody of Noctis. Just make Versus 13 at this point I think people would love that game right now. It would also be cool if the Parasite Eve and Bouncer characters appear in this game.

  10. Final Fantasy fans will get maybe 4-5 games this generation meanwhile Kingdom Hearts fans may or may not get 1 game. That’s bullshit!

    1. It makes no sense 16 underperformed, rebirth is confirmed to have underperformed, meanwhile kingdom hearts 3 did extremely well actually better than remake on ps4 but they chose to let that franchise die

  11. The mobile game has been delayed into oblivion so I doubt this is coming out soon. If they can’t make a mobile game they can’t make a AAA game in UE5.

  12. This isn’t an update they showed gameplay in 2022 and it’s 2024 no time in between did they show any footage in between or reveal information they just said soon and years went by. To make things worse they just keep talking about Final Fantasy 7 Part 3 for sure coming in 4 years meanwhile Kingdom Hearts takes like 10 years for a new game!! Kingdom Hearts fans deserve better!

    1. Yeah that or AIKode this is ridiculous how they refuse to understand their own Fanbase and ghost them.

  13. This has to be a joke? If it’s that close then why has it been taking so long just to update fans?! This should never take this long! All they had to do was treat this like they did other releases but instead they kept everyone in the dark. I think this guy is wrong though my guess the original rumor of 2026 is the actual release year and if situations arise at Square then 2027 is a possibility.

  14. They need to improve everything the story was awful, the new designs were bad with plaid, and the music was awful that skrillex ruined the song worst Utada I’ve heard. I hope Oswald finally shows up and Max Goof.

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