Helldivers 2 Pokes Fun At Escape From Tarkov DLC Fiasco

Helldivers 2 Escape From Tarkov

Helldivers 2 has decided to jump in on the drama surrounding Escape from Tarkov, poking fun at the game’s new Unheard Edition in the process.

The game’s official Twitter account posted on Saturday about items to buy in the game’s Acquisition Center. However, there was a not-so-subtle jab at Battlestate Games in the post.

“Be sure to check out the deals in the Acquisition Center today, with prices so low, they’re practically Unheard of,” the post said. “True Believers can grab the CM-21 Trench Paramedic for only 250 SC, featuring increased pocket size and extra stims!”

Then, in a response to Dr. Lupo — who has his own coffee beans item in Escape from Tarkov — on Twitter, the official account said, “We may not have cans of coffee beans, but we’ll serve you a hot cup of Liber-tea any time.”

If you don’t know by now, Battlestate Games has been under fire for the announcement of the Escape from Tarkov Unheard Edition. Announced with a $250 price tag, the Unheard Edition as set to feature an exclusive co-op PvE game mode, prioritized matchmaking, and more. Following plenty of player backlash, however, Battlestate Games has backtracked on a number of things announced for the edition, including locking the game mode behind a $250 price tag.

What do you think of Helldivers 2 taking a swing at Escape From Tarkov with their Twitter post? For more Insider Gaming, read about the new roadmap released for Tekken 8, including multiple free updates.

  1. Roasting absolutely deserved and it’s genuinely funny seeing all these other companies dunking on BSG. HD2 has been pretty generous to consumers so it has every right to mock BSG’s awful decisions.

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