The Unheard Edition: Insane Escape from Tarkov Version Revealed

the unheard edition

Battlestate Games has just revealed an all-new version of Escape from Tarkov: The Unheard Edition. It’s already dividing the community based on how ‘OP’ it seems to be, and admittedly, the benefits one gains from buying it are pretty insane. It comes with offline play, player-versus-environment progression (with friends), no wipes for the cooperative mode, all quests (including future ones), unique gear and accessories, exclusive mark and melee weapons, and countless starting benefits.

It’s leagues ahead of Edge of Darkness, which was previously the best edition of Escape from Tarkov – Battlestate Games pulled that from sale a couple of months back.

The Best You Can Get

The Unheard Edition features a special nickname colour and icon in the game, longer durations to collect insurance and in-game rewards, better standing with Fence, more Flea Market slots, and access to Escape from Tarkov’s ‘Early Test Server’, where you’ll get new features before anyone else.

This insane bundle is like nothing ever before seen in Escape from Tarkov, and it’s the closest thing to pay-to-win I’ve ever encountered in the game’s ecosystem. Here’s the trailer for it:

From the cover art for The Unheard Edition, it looks like it’ll also contain weapon and ammo cases right off the bat and it’ll feature the Gamma stash case that was associated with Edge of Darkness.

One of the most interesting elements of The Unheard Edition is that the cooperative player-vs-environment mode won’t have any wipes – it’ll be persistent forever.

If you want The Unheard Edition, it’ll set you back €250 (or your local equivalent).

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