Garry’s Mod Steam Workshop Hit By Nintendo Takedown Demand

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Facepunch Studios has just confirmed that a takedown request issued by Nintendo has brought an end to 20 years’ worth of Garry’s Mod content in the Steam Workshop. In a post published on Steam, the studio confirmed that Nintendo directly issued a takedown request against the game, ordering the developer to strip it clean of anything related to the Nintendo brand or its games.

Remove Everything

In the post on Steam, Facepunch Studios urged players and creators to help them remove every trace of anything Nintendo-themed from Garry’s Mod:

Honestly, this is fair enough. This is Nintendo’s content and what they allow and don’t allow is up to them. They don’t want you playing with that stuff in Garry’s Mod – that’s their decision, we have to respect that and take down as much as we can.

This is an ongoing process, as we have 20 years of uploads to go through. If you want to help us by deleting your Nintendo related uploads and never uploading them again, that would help us a lot.

It was originally thought that the DMCA requests coming from ‘Nintendo’ were false and were being circulated by a malicious operator, but Facepunch Studios confirmed that the requests are legit and come directly from the legal team at Nintendo. Many users are now wondering what took Nintendo so long to make this formal request.

In the Steam Workshop, there are millions of files dedicated to Garry’s Mod, which is one of the most customisable sandbox games ever made. Everything from tools to maps and from character models to vehicles can be pulled into the game from the Workshop – and wrapped up in those millions of files must be a fair assortment of Nintendo-themed items.

It’s time to clear up.

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