Lords of the Fallen Sequel is Coming 2026

Lords Of The Fallen Boss Fight

According to a new filing spotted on Bankier, CI Games is working on a sequel for Lords of the Fallen, due for release in 2026.

All of the information from the filing has been translated from a Polish version. So, it does warn that it “may contain certain discrepancies.”

Via translation, the new filing does not confirm a concrete release date. However, it does mention that CI Games signed a contract with Epic Games for the exclusive rights to release it on PC.

These rights appear to extend “for the entire product life cycle,” implying the sequel will not come to Steam. The first Lords of the Fallen was available on Windows.

lords of the fallen

The Lords of the Fallen sequel, currently going by Project 3, will also be released on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S platforms.

Versions of the game for PlayStation and Xbox are “currently in development.” So, these ports might be available at launch, like its predecessor.

The previous Lords of the Fallen game launched in 2023 to mixed fan reviews on both Steam and Metacritic. Publisher CI Games faced layoffs in January 2024, as well as another round of layoffs in May 2024.

However, the developers did muster the final update on Lords of the Fallen 2023 last April, titled Master of Fate. This major update introduced new questlines, skills, improved balancing, and more.

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  1. Really? Credit to the studio. But where is the Elric game? That game has been in development much longer and no update has happened no reveal even. That game would work with a Souls like style of gameplay meets The Witcher since Witcher ripped it off. Is Asobo making anything else not Flight Sim?

  2. If the devs listen to the community, this game could be great. Take all of the good things people liked, cut all the trash. Get in contact with a few prominent streamer just to get advice. They really cool make a top tier souls-like.

  3. Ah it’s an Epic exclusive. Seems like this game will not sell more than the previous game, even if they make the necessary improvements based on player feedback.

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