Pokémon TCG Pocket Announced For 2024

Pokemon TCG Pocket Phone

The Pokémon Company has announced Pokémon TCG Pocket, a new mobile game featuring the iconic trading cards, coming sometime in 2024.

The devs did not share an exact release date during today’s Pokémon Presents showcase, which was relatively short.

Pokémon TCG Pocket will let players collect and trade cards as usual. However, it also introduces Quick Battles, described as an abbreviated version of the classic trading card game.

It will also feature immersive cards that have special digital effects. Some cards can even act as windows, where players literally enter the scene portrayed on the card.

Today’s trailer adds that players will get to open two packs for free every day. Much of the cinematic trailer teased the rush of opening brand-new digital packs by swiping the screen.

So, it also revealed various cards that will appear in Pokémon TCG Pocket. This includes familiar cards like Charizard ex, Pikachu ex, and more.

Fans might compare some of the 3D and particle effects in Pokémon TCG Pocket to Marvel Snap. The faster pacing is also rather similar, but Pokémon was smart to add its own flavor with other features.

TCG players will definitely appreciate this mobile-friendly approach. Pokémon TCG Live recently replaced Pokémon TCG Online, but the transition was a bit rough for some.

Pokémon TCG Pocket should be a more convenient way to sneak matches in throughout your day.

This new game was developed in partnership with DeNA, who also worked on Pokémon Masters EX.

Today’s Pokémon Presents showcase also went out with a bang, announcing the next major title in the core series. It revealed Pokémon Legends Z-A, set in Lumiose City and releasing worldwide in 2025.

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