Microsoft Is Refunding Redfall’s Bite Back Edition

bite back edition

It was recently revealed that the development path for 2023’s vampire-slaying game, Redfall, was coming to an abrupt end as Microsoft moved to shut down Arkane Austin, amongst other studios. Redfall was released in May 2023 to a crushingly negative reception, given that the game was plagued with bugs, barren, and bursting with bizarre AI-driven enemies.

It was just a couple of weeks back that Redfall’s final update was released by Arkane Austin before the ultimate closure of the studio. Now, thanks to the fact that promised content can’t be delivered, Microsoft is issuing automatic refunds on Steam and Xbox to those who purchased the ‘Bite Back’ edition or upgrade of Redfall.

All Bark, No Bite

Following the final major update to Redfall, it has been confirmed by several players that Microsoft is automatically refunding them to make up for the content that they’ll never get. It was confirmed by reports handed to Windows Central that Bethesda Game Studios is also issuing refunds, but the path to obtaining them is a little tougher.

Redfall won’t be missed by too many people, but it’s a shame that it ended how it did. I was sceptical about Redfall and abandoned it at launch because of the issues but ultimately returned to the game several months later – and I had a great time with it. It was a run-of-the-mill open-world action title with some basic RPG elements and a little co-op mixed in for good measure. It wasn’t that bad and I had a great time playing it.

Before shutting down, Arkane Austin introduced an offline-based single-player mode to the game, eradicating the need to always be online and allowing users to play Redfall even when the studio has been fully shut down and taken offline.

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