Another Super-Sized Fallout Mod Is In Trouble

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Last year, I covered the release of a trailer designed to showcase Fallout: Nuevo México, an ambitious game-sized Fallout 4 mod that planned to introduce a whole new world. With the publication of an 18-minute gameplay walkthrough, Fallout: Nuevo México was revealed as an open-ended and inviting project, but things went a little quiet after that.

It has now been announced that Fallout: Nuevo México is on hold indefinitely and the project lead has departed the development team. Months ago, the trailers related to Nuevo México were deleted, which was bad enough by itself, but now that the lead developer, ‘Zapshock’, has stepped back from the squad, there are serious doubts that it’ll ever surface.

Unexpected Stop

Earlier this year, Fallout: London was delayed indefinitely following the news that the Fallout 4 next-gen update was on the horizon. When it was released, the team working on Fallout: London for the last few years were forced to come to terms with the fact that work they’d completed up until that point would have, in the worst case, been rendered DOA based on the sizeable update pushed out by Bethesda Game Studios.

Fallout: London was ‘supposed’ to have been released in April, but now there are no indications of when it’ll see the light of day – if it does at all.

Nuevo México was shaping up to be something more tied to the roots of the Fallout series. It was set five years after the first game in a region familiar to the series, whereas Fallout: London toyed immensely with the lore of the universe, placing players in the United Kingdom and creating an entirely original experience.

Nuevo México looks ready to be scrapped entirely and Fallout: London is on the ropes. It’s a sad time to be a Fallout mods fan.

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  1. Once again, Bethesda ruining more things. Only Bethesda could put out a next gen update that ends up breaking the game to the point that mods have to be put on indefinite hold because of how broken it is.

  2. First off, whiny baby’s upset that the company that owns the rights updated THEIR game for their audience need to shut up. THEY own the rights, not us fans and not the modders.

    Second, those mods were hugely ambitious and were taking an incredibly long time to be released. As far as any one outside of the teams know these may never have been released anyway. London missed several release dates prior to the update being released. The The update just gave them the perfect excuse to stop and a patsy to blame so they doubt have to take the fall. Also this Mexico mod wasn’t the result of the update, but that the lead designer walked. As per the article if anyone has bothered to read it.

    You only know half the story and are just jumping to conclusions like pathetic fanbots. Let us not forget all the other modders that made rollback mods for the game and those that paused updates to have a chance to try out London. The team behind it certainly forgot, out just gave up when they had the chance to blame Bethesda, aka the bad guys that without none of this would have been possible in the first place.

  3. Fallout London is still on its way
    Folon has made it compatible with the update, and folon has a internal release window, they just haven’t announced it publicly

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