Cities Skylines 2 Will Rework Economy, Console Release Window ‘Shrinking’

Cities: Skylines 2 console release delayed Paradox Interactive

According to a new post on the Paradox forum, an upcoming update for Cities Skylines 2 will rework the economy system.

The update will improve management, challenges, and clarification for the consequences of player actions. The developers clarify that the update is still “currently being polished,” and it “will not address everything.”

At this time, the team is aiming to release the patch somewhere between June 3 and 19, 2024.

Cities Skylines Town Overview Xbox Game

In addition to the Cities Skylines 2 economy, Paradox’s new forum post also gives fans an update on the console builds. The devs state that they “still hope we can keep the timeline for an October release.”

However, they also warned fans that “it might have to be delayed further.” This follows the results of various stability tests on a Beta build delivery last April.

Cities Skylines 2 has faced a variety of issues, including the launch of its recent DLC. Paradox even apologized over the state of the game last April.

So, it may be particularly wise for the team to spend enough time to roll out smooth console builds. Fortunately, the devs did work to introduce mod support in March, a highly requested feature from longtime fans.

Paradox just recently slowed down Life By You, retracting its Early Access release date earlier this week. Deputy CEO Mattias Lilja simply explained that “additional development time is needed” for Life By You.

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