Elden Ring Soars to 600,000 Players on Steam

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Shadow of the Erdtree is here and it’s already doing bits for Elden Ring’s player count. On Steam, the peak concurrent player count in the last 24 hours sat at a whopping 589,948 users – a week ago, that was 174,000 concurrent users, and a few months back, it sat at around 35,000 players. That’s indicative of the game’s performance across all platforms, as Shadow of the Erdtree has now been released and is already cementing itself as one of the greatest expansions of all time.

High Numbers

Elden Ring’s all-time high player count on Steam sits at a staggering 953,426, and that was secured just after the game was released in February 2022. On the popular PC platform, Elden Ring has remained relatively consistent since it dropped, sitting around the top of the table and never falling below a peak concurrent count of 30,000 in a month. That’s huge staying power for any game – and it’s one of the reasons why Elden Ring has 93% positive reviews on Steam.

Shadow of the Erdtree is out today on all platforms, and players are excited. It’s a super-sized DLC with a premium price point of $39.99, but it’s worth the investment considering all that the expansion offers. However, some fans have expressed their disappointment in one aspect: Shadow of the Erdtree doesn’t have any new achievements or trophies. It’s a small thing that won’t detract from the overall quality of the expansion, but it seems like an oversight given the size of the DLC.

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