Survival Sim Green Hell Has Sold 6 Million Copies

green hell 6 million

Green Hell was first released back in 2019, joining an ever-growing line-up of open-world survival titles that pitted players against the elements. Green Hell’s draw was that it was more realistic than its competitors, boasting unique elements that required players to manage both their mental and physical health while they navigated a massive jungle and fought to survive.

It was just revealed by the game’s developer, Creepy Jar, that the title has surpassed six million sales since being released in 2018, averaging a cool 1.2 million sales per year.

Learn to Survive

Green Hell was well-reviewed when it dropped in 2019, and since then, it landed on a few more platforms, coming to Nintendo Switch in 2020 and then winding up on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2021. The staggered release pattern served the game well, with the player count remaining relatively consistent as free updates were deployed by Creepy Jar.

In April, the team pushed out the twentieth free update for the game, introducing new animals, survival mechanics, and construction blueprints. In the years that have followed since the game’s launch, the developers have introduced controller support, a cooperative story mode, an achievements system, farming, countless building features, and new enemies. That’s not bad considering the game always seems to be on sale somewhere for just a few dollars.

Survival games like Green Hell have blown up in recent years. Titles like Sons of the Forest, Valheim, ARK, Subnautica, Raft, SCUM, and V Rising all found popularity in the market for their intense levels of freedom, base-building mechanics, and at times challenging combat sequences.

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