Embracer Canceled A Red Faction Sequel In 2023

A Red Faction sequel was pitched and approved by Embracer before studio closures and job cuts killed the project. That’s according to a new report from Rock Paper Shotgun (RPS), that claims Embracer canceled a “visual prototype” for a Red Faction sequel in 2023.

Developer Fishlabs worked on it internally as Project White, and was working to develop something along the lines of 2009’s Red Faction: Guerilla. The pitch involved the aforementioned visual prototype to show to direct parent Plaion for approval.

According to the report, the game was pitches “several times” to Plaion, with an elaborate one happening in November 2023. That pitch, RPS says, also featured cosplay for the executives.

“In addition to screening the “fake trailer”, team members posed as characters from the game, with the Red Faction resistance group “hacking” a presentation given by a sinister corporate agent,” the story reads.

According to what RPS was told, reaction to the pitch was positive with a belief that the game would be greenlit for development. That ultimately didn’t happen after an internal vote was split 50-50, halting any chance of the game’s creation. After the game’s cancellation, Fishlabs management was told to “lay off almost everyone not attached to an active game project.”

As far as what the game would’ve been about, the new Red Faction game would’ve been set 100 years after Guerilla on a “more terraformed and colorful Martian world map.”

“There were plans for a female protagonist, who would once again take part in an underground workers revolution,” RPS said. “There would likely have been a range of factions, from predatory corporations to homegrown Martian communities, with whom you might have had to forge alliances to complete your objectives.”

Insider Gaming has reached out to Embracer, Plaion, and Fishlabs for comment on the report. As of publishing, no response has been received.

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