Don’t Nod Delays New IP Lost Records: Bloom & Rage to 2025

Lost Records Bloom And Rage

In a new post on X today, developer Don’t Nod announced the decision to delay Lost Records: Bloom & Rage until “early 2025.”

Don’t Nod originally planned to release the new IP title in late 2024. In today’s post, the devs cite the next Life is Strange game as the cause for delay. They explain that “we wanted to ensure both have adequate space to shine.”

Lost Records: Bloom & Rage will be another narrative adventure where player choices impact the story. The plot revolves around “quirky introvert” Swann, filming a fateful summer in 1995, and facing dark secrets.

Don’t Nod also had an official press release about the delay. Loosely translated, the devs say they only plan to “slightly adjust the release.” So, it may arrive sooner than later in early 2025.

In the press release, Don’t Nod CEO Oskar Guilbert also gave a statement. Guilbert reiterated that “it is essential to give these two titles the space they need.”

In the latest Xbox Games Showcase, Square Enix revealed the return of Max Caulfield for Life is Strange: Double Exposure. Square Enix and Deck Nine also confirmed new details about the various editions for Life is Strange: Double Exposure.

The Deputy General Manager at Don’t Nod left their position last March. The original Life is Strange also hit 20 million players last year.

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