Life is Strange Hits 20 Million Players

life is strange

Life is Strange has hit a monumental milestone, securing 20 million players since its release in 2015. This episodic, angsty teenage drama turned out to be a sensational title bursting at the seams with emotion, even if it was a little embarrassing to bear in places. It boasted an immersive story and a charming art style, and it ultimately led to the formation of a dedicated, enamoured community.

Life Is Successful

In five episodes, the story of Life is Strange unfolded, telling the tale of a girl who suddenly discovers she can rewind time, and thereafter, jump through alternate timelines in an attempt to stop chaos from unfolding and to save her close friend. It was so successful that it spawned a sizeable series, with Life is Strange 2 debuting in 2018, and the most recent title, True Colors, spawning in 2021 as a one-shot game and not an episodic series.

On Twitter, the Life is Strange profile revealed that the original game hit 20 million players, prompting an immediate response from the portion of the community desperate for another game. It’s not yet known what’s happening to the series following a changeover that led to Dontnod handing the development of the franchise to Deck Nine a few years ago.

However, there’s still plenty of meat on the bones of Life is Strange, given the open-ended style in which the universe has been created. Typically, in each game, there’s a different person in a totally new place who discovers they have some kind of powers. We’ve seen telekinesis, time control, and an unearthly ability to read minds and see what people are feeling – ‘True Colors’.

What power would you like to see in the next Life is Strange game, if there is one?

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