Hitman’s Latest Elusive Target is Conor McGregor

conor mcgregor

If you’ve ever wanted to gun down Conor McGregor or perhaps rig up an ‘accident’ that sees him crushed by immense weight, Hitman: World of Assassination has you covered. In an impending update, Conor McGregor is being introduced as the latest elusive target, following on from the likes of Sean Bean. He’s known as ‘The Disruptor’, and he’s an ostentatious, super-rich MMA fighter – go figure, right?

Enter The Disruptor

We didn’t have Conor McGregor appearing as a victim in a Hitman game in 2024, but that’s the way the world works – expect the unexpected. From June 27 to July 29 across all platforms, users can chase down and eliminate The Disruptor in Hitman: World of Assassination. Speaking on the creation of his character in-game, McGregor said:

The age of the Disruptor is here. I had a lot of fun creating the character and bringing him to life. I can’t wait for players to try to take him down. Agent 47 is in for the fight of his life.

Here’s the synopsis for the update: ‘Conor McGregor features in Hitman: World of Assassination as The Disruptor, a multi-millionaire MMA Fighter with worldwide fame who started a feud with the CEO of a prominent tech company, putting a target on his back in the process.’

Recently, it was revealed that Hitman 3 VR: Reloaded will emerge later this year as a Meta Quest 3 exclusive. This refreshed product carries with it a string of enhancements and upgrades to make it worthy of the ‘Reloaded’ tag, but the exclusivity factor irritated players to no end.

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