FromSoft’s Parent Company Suffers 1.5 TB Data Hack

from software

Hours ago, it was announced by Kadokawa Group – the parent company of FromSoftware – that a cyberattack had led to around 1.5 TB of data being obtained by a ransomware group. In a news release published by the organisation, it was explained that the company felt the impact of this attack in almost every branch: publication, distribution, web services, and merchandising.

Presently, Kadokawa is uncertain if any personal information was obtained by the ransomware group, but it stressed that it doesn’t retain credit card information.

Mega Hack

Kadokawa Group was quick to publish a transparent statement following the revelation of the super-sized hack. Kadokawa is the parent company of FromSoftware, the developer behind Elden Ring and the recently released (and staggering successful) Shadow of the Erdtree expansion. It’s not clear if the impact has rolled downstream to FromSoftware in any way, but it was confirmed that the part of the company most damaged by the attack was Niconico, a content-sharing platform.

One report claimed that Kadokawa offered an ‘extremely low’ amount of money for the data, which is currently set to be released publicly on July 1 if demands aren’t met.

As Kadokawa works to strengthen its architecture and infrastructure, the ransomware group promises that sensitive data will be leaked if the deadline comes around before the ransom has been paid.

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