Dr Disrespect’s YouTube Income Cut As Shocking New Sexting Claims Surface

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If you’ve been living under a rock the past few days, you’ll be unaware that Guy ‘Dr Disrespect’ Beahm has been the talk of the town after admitting to messaging a minor in 2017 on Twitch, an event that ultimately led to his permanent ban from the platform in 2020. Since the revelation hit social media, brands and sponsors have cut ties with Beahm, and his peers have denounced his actions, with many pledging to never support him again.

As tens of thousands of followers abandon the charismatic and controversial content creator, another blow has been struck. In recent hours, YouTube has moved to demonetise Dr Disrespect’s channel, which means he’ll no longer earn income from the platform that has been his home for years.

Dr Disastrously Cancelled

Recently, new claims surfaced in Rolling Stone magazine, pioneered by Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau and written in collaboration with former Twitch employees. This report claims that not only did Beahm ‘knowingly send explicit messages to a minor’, but he did so confidently and while stressing that it didn’t matter. In the report, it’s said that the identity of the alleged victim is being kept secret based on an original intention to not have them exposed – even if by now they’d be in their early twenties.

After being booted from Midnight Society, losing more than 50,000 followers, being cut from sponsorship deals with Turtle Beach, and now having his monetisation cut on YouTube, there’s a sense that nothing will be left for Beahm when he returns from his ‘extended vacation’.

If he does return, he’ll have a fragile network, if any at all, and the only people still following him will be those unaware of what he’s done or those who are blindly loyal to the 42-year-old creator.

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  1. There’s a ton of content creators doing the same that should be banned. Apparently YouTube knew he was a predator as well but also did nothing. I can say there’s numerous others at both YouTube and Twitch who are doing what he’s doing or worse and none of these people did anything or alert the authorities. These sites need to be investigated and shut down with all in involved jailed!

  2. The US government needs to investigate Twitch and YouTube. Twitch knew about this, YouTube apparently didn’t give him a contract because they knew. YouTube didn’t do this to others look up ZeRo he never faced the same from them. There’s so many of these people online doing this who should all be in jail.

  3. I don’t know anything about this story and I don’t really care. I do know that you should never do anything that you would not want to see/read about on the internet. ‘Character’, is what you do when nobody is looking. I hate to say it but, karma is a bitch. Play with fire and you will get burnt, eventually. Good thing about karma, it works both ways sometimes. Get treated like crap for 50 years and then spend your last 30 years on-top-of-the-world 😀 laughing at the ones that harmed you. Just don’t relish karma too much. Karma will humble you, very quickly. Come si com sa – zaman zaman.

  4. Good but SSSniperwolf should have been banned too she doxxed someone but she’s still on the platform? This is favoritism and it’s not good hold everyone accountable. AngryJoe is another his SA case was never properly investigated, Channel Awesome and JewWario, ProJared, James Charles, IShowSpeed being nude then speeding on public highways, ReviewTechUSA also doxxing people, Brent Rivera, Logan Paul, JiDion, Poudii, Aba N Preach, Joe Rogan, ForneverWorld, TheActMan, AnimatedJames, Jack Doherty, BlasphemousHD2, ImDontai defended sexual predators, Shane Dawson, Adam22 endangered minors and is on tape doing it, ZeRo Skyped minors asking them to do sexual things he’s not in jail and still on YouTube, Miranda Sings, EVO despite their toxic environment still on YouTube and Twitch, Mizkif allegations never looked into, Andy Signore his allegations swept under the rug and we have to take his word, reaction channels for cultural appropriation and stealing content, and a bunch of others. I mean they banned Etika but SSSniperworlf and Doc haven’t been banned? This is weird. Cobanermani456 also got banned I think just for speaking his truth. Etika I think knew a lot and they didn’t want him to speak. Kai Cenat is doing weird stuff with North West and if you call him out you’re the problem despite him saying his streams are for adults yet he acknowledges a child and children are fans of him? He’s 22 hanging out with a bunch of pre-teen girls. The government needs to investigate all these sites and shut them down and send all the ones committing illegal things to jail.

  5. Twitch and YouTube are both swimming with awful people like this from grifters, groomers, sexual predators, con artists, it’s insane what they allow. These sites need o be closed for better psychological aspects of life. Tik Tok is quick and you don’t get as manipulated but these sites are more messed up with how they play with peoples emotions and make them think these creators are their friends when they really aren’t and for some who are really down bad it can be seriously damaging or harmful I mean look at Pokimane she had a guy who donated to her with money from his family after he killed them and she ignored the situation never was dear with she also used the N word and scammed people with her products but also never got banned.

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