The Crew is Being Revived Just Months After Going Offline 

Ubisoft’s beloved driving MMO, The Crew, was taken offline on March 31, 2024. But the game’s community hasn’t given up; some are yet pushing hard to revive the game. In a heartwarming display of dedication, a group of passionate modders, Whammy 4, have announced their commitment to resurrect the title.

Their upcoming project, The Crew Offline+Online Server Emulator, showcases their unwavering love for the game. Through this project, they aim not only to restore the game to its former glory but also to add new features that the developers never did, giving the community a renewed sense of hope. 

Back in Business

Recently, Eurogamer interviewed a member of the Whammy4 team, and they spoke more about the project. The member stated that the team had begun work on their project as soon as Ubisoft announced The Crew’s closure in December 2023.

The member said that their project retains the same game everyone knows and loves, but instead of using Ubisoft’s servers, the community will have to use Whammy4’s servers to access the game. Whammy4 recently released a new video on YouTube: The Crew – First Roadtrip After The Shutdown. 

The Whammy4 member then speaks about game preservation, stating that if things keep on going the way they are now, then pretty soon, most video games that players love will become dead video games. Hence, game preservation should be the utmost priority “before the situation spins out of control.” 

Returning to The Crew, Whammy4 talks about how this is the only title where players get to cruise around a scaled-down and open-world version of the United States of America, and “to give up on such a remarkable game would be a crime.” Whammy4 believes they should be able to get the project up and running for the franchise’s 10th Anniversary, which arrives in December 2024. 

In other news, Ubisoft revealed The Crew Motorfest’s Year 2 plans earlier this month. Are you excited about The Crew being revived? Let us know in the comments. 

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  1. first of all how do you get the whammy4 servers and is it available on consoles, and ware can you buy whammy4 servers at and is it compatible with consoles.

  2. I sure hope my life is never as meaningless to spend all this energy on The Crew, of all games.

  3. It’s a good thing that this is happening as game preservation should be absolute priority. It’s just a matter of if Ubisoft will be their usual selves and aim to take this down.

  4. Now I’m pissed that I never went to see Mount Rushmore in the game!

    This game deserves to live on if only as an educational experience. I learned about and saw a lot of the US thanks to the Crew

  5. 100% backing Whanny4 for what they are doing. Be great if they get it up and running for Christmas.
    I loved this game, wasn’t a big fan of Crew 2.

  6. I hope this game continues. This is one of the only reasons why I have my playstation.

    If they would have a better Everything for the ps5 In this game, I would have bought A ps5.

    But for now ps4 Is wonderful.

    I hope this crew never ends.

    But then again, I don’t ever want to see the last fast and furious either.

  7. The game preservation situation is well out of control already. These anti- consumer practices in the games as service industry need to stop. Companies need offboarding plans, and consumers need to boycott companies that shut down games when they have a sequel to sell.

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