Nintendo Addresses The Length Between Its Major Game Releases

Nintendo knows it takes more time for larger games to be released than before.

Over the last 10+ years, one thing that’s been common is how long it has taken for new large-scale games to launch. It’s a subject many people have questions about, and was even brought up during Nintendo’s annual shareholders meeting on Thursday.

As part of the Q&A portion of the meeting, Nintendo was asked about the length between games in their franchises with Super Mario Bros. Wonder being used as an example. Specifically, they were asked about releasing games in a series on a more consistent basis as opposed to the “once-in-a-decade” cycle.

“Currently, game development times are becoming longer and more complex,” the company said as translated by NStyles on Twitter. “We are expanding and investing in development resources.”

“The length of development time is unavoidable due to the advancement of game consoles,” senior managing executive officer Shinya Takahashi said. “The development environment has also improved, so I think we are making efforts to shorten the time. I want to create games that are fun and entertaining in a short period of time.”

Senior officer Takashi Tezuka then added, “When I talk about Mario Wonder, I was surprised that it took 11 years from the previous game. In the meantime, we’ve also released Mario Maker and 3D Mario.

“We’ve offered a number of Mario-related games. We are developing the game while thinking about how to make people fall in love with Nintendo. We are also considering short-term titles.”

Currently, Nintendo has a number of new games across its various franchises set to release this year, including Mario & Luigi: Brothership, The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom, and Super Mario Party Jamboree.

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  1. I believe it’s fine how long it takes. Nintendo, way more than not, release absolute quality titles that are usually filled with creativity. That is due to the lengthy development time devs are given. If it was more rushed you would simply see a dip in quality, which fans would be complaining about.

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