Nintendo Says It Is Working To Stop Leaks Of Games

Nintendo Leaks

Nintendo knows about all of the online leaks surrounding its games and hardware development, and its working to prevent them from continuing.

During its annual shareholders meeting on Thursday, Nintendo commented on the leaks for the first time publicly when asked about it during the Q&A section of the meeting.

“We have become aware of the specific issues pointed out through media reports and other sources,” Nintendo said as translated by NStyles on Twitter. “We work with specialist companies to diagnose information security and take various other measures.

“The company has introduced information security management as part of its internal information security system, and is also working on continuous education for employees.”

These leaks have come from various sources within Nintendo as it was recently revealed by one well-known leaker Pyoro that their source was from a Nintendo of Japan employee. It was also uncovered that Google employees on the YouTube side of the business had been able to access private Nintendo videos in order to get information out to leakers.

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  1. I’d say good luck to them. In this day and age, it is almost impossible to stop leaks. Someone is always up for providing information for potential cash, or there’s always going to be some system flaw that someone will exploit to get info.

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