Palworld’s Sakurajima Expansion is Now Live 

Palworld’s much-anticipated expansion is now live, helping bring players back to the “Pokemon with Guns” game that went viral at the beginning of 2024. Palworld’s Sakurajima Island is now live for PCs and Xbox consoles with updated v0.3.1 and a bunch of new content for the players to immerse themselves in. Learn more about the features of Palword’s Sakurajima expansion below. 

Players should know that Sakurajima is a free expansion with a new island. Players have to work towards taking over a tower that is protected by the latest faction, “The Moonflowers”, and save the island from their evil grasp. The Sakurajima also brings some new species of Pals to capture in Palworld. 

Palworld players have a new spot for PvP battles, as a new arena has been introduced in the Desiccated Desert, where players around will battle it out to emerge victorious. A new stronghold under the control of Rayne Syndicate, Oil Rig, has also appeared, and you need to use the aid of your friends to defeat the dangerous enemies that lie here and acquire valuable resources such as crude oil. Sakurajima’s Crude Oil can also be extracted by placing the crude oil extractor at specific locations. Players can also use the new material Plasteel to create other extracting equipment. 

Get ready to level up, Palworld players! The new cap has been set at level 55, offering more technologies and increasing the upper limit for the Pal capture bonus to 12 from 10. But that’s not all. A new raid in Palworld’s Sakurajima Island, the Blazamat Ryu, has arrived, featuring the strongest Dragon Pal yet.

Good news, Palworld players! You can now store 960 Pals, doubling the original capacity of 480. No more worries about running out of space for your Pals. Plus, Palworld’s Sakurajima expansion brings a host of new features, including a Meteorite event, a new medal merchant, new weapons, NPC and Pal cosmetics, buildings, and a range of fixes and adjustments. Get ready to explore and enjoy all these new possibilities! 

In other news, Nintendo has yet to bring official complaints against Palworld. Have you tried out Palworld’s Sakurajima expansion? Let us know in the comments.

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