More Layoffs Hit Ubisoft As Company Tries To Deliver Roadmap

ubisoft toronto

It has been announced that Ubisoft Toronto has been hit by a fresh wave of layoffs that have seen 33 employees lose their jobs. This comes as a result of Ubisoft trying to commit to delivering ‘on its ambitious roadmap’, a statement said. It’s the same reasoning we’ve heard time and again over the last eighteen months, as almost 20,000 industry workers have been made redundant worldwide. It almost always comes down to a restructuring or a re-alignment with a roadmap – and more often than not, it’s an ‘ambitious’ roadmap.


In January, we posted an exposé on the state of play at Ubisoft, talking about the internal tensions felt by teams everywhere. In November 2023, more than 100 employees were cut from the business, and before that, around 60 employees were impacted by layoffs across a series of offices in the United Kingdom and North America. In February, Ubisoft workers in France started striking to drive negotiations for better salaries.

This latest wave has struck Ubisoft Toronto, the studio recently brought on to work on the Sands of Time remake. In a statement published by PC Gamer, it was said:

Ubisoft Toronto has decided to conduct a targeted realignment to ensure it can deliver on its ambitious roadmap. Unfortunately, this will impact the roles of 33 team members who will be leaving Ubisoft. We are committed to providing comprehensive support to them, including severance and career assistance, to help through this transition.

It has been a wildly unfortunate year and a bit for the gaming industry, with studios closing their doors after decades of business, projects being canned after years of work, and thousands of employees being turfed out without much warning. Ubisoft Toronto is the latest in a long line of studios to be hit by this trend.

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  1. Meanwhile they haven’t shown Splinter Cell remake, they delayed and are redoing Prince Of Persia remake, and Beyond Good & Evil 2 hasn’t had an update in 10 years. Not to mention now they’re remaking Assassin’s Creed too but haven delivered on what’s already been announced?

  2. don’t worries. this happened all around the west country and it’s not effect to eastern game developer starting from sleepyjoe. everyone lost their jobs every month so it’s normal things for the current situation. unless you’re willing to wake up now and you’ll get your job back.

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