The First Descendant Has A More Revealing Outfit Than Stellar Blade

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The First Descendant is set to be released in just a couple of days, and with each passing hour, more information is being uncovered. Recently, eagle-eyed users identified a character model variant in the game that’s even more risque than Stellar Blade’s Eve – ‘Ultimate Bunny’. In The First Descendent, ‘Ult Bunny’ has a lore-driven, incredibly skimpy outfit, leaving almost nothing to the imagination.

Marketing, right?

The Ultimate Outfit

In The First Descendant, players can assume control of a Standard or an Ultimate character. Over time, more Ult characters will be added to the game, but there are a few available at launch to kick off the roster, including Lepic and Viessa. The core difference is that Ultimate characters are ‘boosted’, boasting a unique appearance and better stats than their Standard counterparts.

To give a little context, Stellar Blade was released in April to a relatively positive reception, but many players got on board because of the marketing campaign that shed plenty of light on the voluptuous main character, Eve. As they explored the post-apocalyptic slasher, players could unlock and find a series of outfits, almost all of which were highly revealing – with some being extremely controversial.

In The First Descendant, players can assume control of Bunny, who has a figure-hugging bodysuit and a bizarre helmet with – you guessed it – bunny ears.

However, the Ultimate version of Bunny is adorned in an outfit that may as well not be there, offering almost no real protection and showing off a fair portion of her body. Per the lore, it’s because the suit was never finished – or ‘restored’ – and originally, the plan was that it’d be a complete suit. Go figure, right?

The First Descendant will be released on July 2 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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  1. More games need to add outfits like Bunny’s. I hope First Descendant adds more outfits like that to the other characters.

  2. I enjoy wearing leotards often and this outfits cute. Games need to stop trying to portray one type of style woman and start expressing many different types. A strong woman come in all styles, shapes and sizes. Give all the options and stop pushing narratives or Pat McAfee “ideal woman”.

    Besides stupidly large muscle bound men have been in games forever and no ones ever batted an eye at that. Most bodybuilders I have known cant even reach for their own hoodies yet here they are in most games hulking out, and we don’t dare step into the “SeXuLiZiNg” debate with them. Why the double standard?

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