You’re Going To Get Rewarded For Reporting Tarkov Cheaters

tarkov cheaters

In a series of changes and improvements being made to Escape from Tarkov in patch, Battlestate Games has introduced some interesting updates. One important mechanic will see players compensated for successfully reporting cheaters – but the reward itself hasn’t been clarified yet. This means that when you report someone and you’re notified that they’ve been banned, you’ll get something in the way of compensation, be it roubles, random items, or something else.

Money for Nothing

Presently, a change like this could make you a Tarkov millionaire overnight. It’s no big secret that the game is still being plagued by cheaters, and no server seems to be safe. At least now you’ll get a little something back in your pocket if you report these malicious operators and they’re kicked off the platform.

Elsewhere, Battlestate Games revealed that soon, the newly introduced PvE mode will be available for purchase for owners of all game editions – and several changes are coming to that part of the game. First, improvements are on the way for AI PMCs in PvE, and the ability to reset your profile is also inbound. For solo PvE players, Battlestate is introducing local play, allowing users to get access to a game almost immediately, bypassing the need to queue for a server.

Tweaks are also being made to the in-game wishlist mechanic, new outfits are being added to the game (via Ragman), and a fresh questline called ‘Nostalgia’ is being added. Battlestate is bringing in an in-game poll system (but we’re not sure how it’ll work), and the team is pumping in a slew of quality-of-life changes.

This patch was supposed to go live this month, but it has now been pushed back to early July.

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  1. Hopefully they have a robust moderation system in place to validate the reports that the players are cheaters, otherwise this is easily going to get abused with people spam reporting.

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