Nintendo Lays Out Plans to Combat Switch 2 Scalping 

switch 2

With the highly anticipated release of the Nintendo Switch 2 next year, the company’s president has unveiled a significant plan to combat scalping. This plan is a reassuring step for players who often face the challenge of securing a new console on launch day. 

During an earnings call, Shuntaro Furukawa, the President of Nintendo, recently addressed the issue of scalping for their next console. As per VGC, Furukawa addressed three main pointers:

  1. Nintendo will make sure that they provide an appropriate amount of stock so that the supply matches the demand.
  2. Furukawa stated that they will consider the “circumstances in each region”.
  3. Semi-conductor shortage will not be an issue for the Switch 2 

Scalping, or the reselling of consoles at inflated prices, is a frustrating reality of new releases. It forces many players to shell out far more than the intended price for the device. A direct instance of this was seen during the PlayStation 5 launch, with consoles sold at 2 to 3 times the market retail price. Players left with no other option, had to purchase at these inflated rates. This plight, where players are compelled to pay exorbitant prices due to scalping, is a situation that resonates with many. 

Three main factors contributed to the shortage of consoles at retail. Firstly, the console was released during the pandemic, which had already caused production issues globally. Secondly, there was a shortage of semiconductors, further delaying production. Lastly, Sony’s limited drops allowed scalpers to dominate the market, leaving genuine buyers empty-handed. It’s crucial to understand these factors to anticipate the availability of the Nintendo Switch 2. 

In other news, check out all the games coming to Switch 2 here, including Perfect Dark, Turok Dinosaur Hunter and more. What do you feel about Nintendo’s plan to prevent Switch 2 scalping? Let us know in the comments.

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