Perfect Dark & More Coming to Nintendo Switch Online & Expansion Pack Today

Perfect Dark Nintendo

During the new Direct showcase, Nintendo announced new titles that are coming to Nintendo Switch Online and an Expansion Pack.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Four Swords and Metroid Zero Mission are both coming to Nintendo Switch Online.

Further, Perfect Dark and Turok Dinosaur Hunter are coming to the new Nintendo 64 Mature 17+ games collection.

Perfect Dark has built a lot of renewed hype following the impressive trailer revealed last week for the highly anticipated reboot. The trailer revealed both polished cinematics and first-person gameplay, despite earlier claims that development was in rough shape.

The Legend of Zelda also earned a lot of buzz today after Nintendo announced the new Echoes of Wisdom title. That new Zelda game will put the titular character at the forefront instead of Link. It will also feature an interesting new art design, and the new “echo” mechanic that allows players to replicate objects.

Nintendo Switch Online and Expansion Packs continue to regularly grow, introducing many beloved games. Last April, the subscription service added three new SNES classics.

Nintendo has already announced the new platformer Mario & Luigi Brothership with a November release date during today’s Direct showcase.

Insider Gaming will help you catch up on everything announced by Nintendo during today’s anticipated showcase. The event features titles coming in the second half of 2024.

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