New Perfect Dark Game “In Rough Shape”, It’s Claimed

New Perfect Dark Game

The new Perfect Dark game is reportedly in “rough shape”. That’s according to Jeff Grubb on the Giant Bombcast from May 7.

When talking about Xbox’s closure of four game studios, including Tango Gameworks and Arkane Austin, Grubb brought up the state of Perfect Dark as it stands now.

“The fallout from this (the layoffs), been hearing more and more — I’ve been hearing for years — that Perfect Dark is in a rough state. It Sounds like it’s in a very rough state,” he said.

“And it doesn’t sound like it’s really come together in any way since then (the game was announced in 2020) and [even with] Crystal Dynamics coming on board to help work on that..”

On top off what Grubb had to say, Alex Donaldson of VG247 added that the game’s development has been like pushing “a boulder up a steep hill”.

“I have some crazy stories about the development of that game I have not put in print out of respect for a team really trying hard to push a boulder up a steep hill,” he said. “But my patience is getting thin.”

Lastly both Shinobi062 and video game historian Liam Robertson corroborated Grubb’s initial report on the state of the game.

“From what little I have heard about the development of the new Perfect Dark, it sounds like a future video in the making,” Robertson said. “Just a big, protracted mess.”

Insider Gaming has reached out to Xbox for comment on the state of the new Perfect Dark game. As of publishing, and despite multiple attempts, no response has been received.

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  1. Microsoft should buy EA and have the Battlefield team take it over. Same with Fable give that to BioWare, give Forza to Codemasters, give Halo to DICE, give Mech Assault to Respawn.

    1. They really should and the leadership at those studios know what they’re doing. Also no one wants another live-service Battlefield. Xbox needs major wins right now and that June showcase will be another massive L.

  2. On one hand, this makes me sad. On the other hand, hopefully the developers will be g8ven enough time to eventually release a good game. I’d much rather a game take longer than expected than for it to be pushed out the door broken, buggy or half baked.

    1. The studio making it pushed it back for Tomb Raider and they just went through massive layoffs.

  3. This is sounding like there’s not a clear direction for this game, shooting in the dark so to speak. I’m very curious about Grubb saying “hearing some crazy stories about development”, sounds like there’s potentially a lot more to this as to why the game is struggling.

  4. The studios making this and Fable both had major layoffs and now restructuring Crystal Dynamics and Eidos over at Embracer. Crystal Dynamics prioritized Tomb Raider for Amazon over this. It’s way past time new leadership came in after XB1 Phil and his team should have been gone wars ago. Activision has people who know how to supervise games just let them take over there is no point for like 3 different divisions just dump Phil and Aaron Greenberg especially the guy is worse than Phil.

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