Nintendo Switch Online Gets Three SNES Classics

Nintendo Switch Online’s library of SNES games is growing as Nintendo has added three new games to the service for players. Joining the SNES library on the platform are Wrecking Crew ’98, Super R-Type, and Amazing Heberke.

Wrecking Crew ’98 is a puzzle game released only in Japan in 1998. This game features two versions of Wrecking Crew. The original has you take control of Mario with the goal of dodging enemies as you take down walls and ladders. The Super Famicom version is more of a competition game.

“Destroy and arrange panels to line up matching colors,” Nintendo says. “Line up three or more to clear them, and clear four or more panels to launch an attack on your opponent—the more panels you clear at once, the more powerful your attack. If your opponent crosses the line at the top for longer than three seconds, victory is yours!”

Super R-Type is side-scrolling shooter that sees you work to take out hordes of enemies with seven stages in total. As you play, you’ll get power-ups to help you clear out the enemies.

The last game, Amazing Heberke, is a top-down battle royale game where you battle with up to four characters in a winner-take-all contest.

“Hebereke, along with each of the other characters, can perform two kinds of special attacks in addition to their normal attacks,” Nintendo’s description reads. “Use your attacks in combination with the items and traps on each stage to take control and earn your hard-fought victory!”

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