Xbox Rolls Out April Update For Console And PC

The April 2024 Xbox update is being released for both console and PC users with different features coming depending on the platform.

Starting with console users, the update has a number of new settings and smaller features for players.

Within Discord Voice, users will now be able to hear soundboard audio from other people in either your channel or call. There’s also a new option to mute the soundboard.

For those who save game captures, OneDrive will notify you if you’re getting low on space. Lastly, new restrictions have been put in place to allow users to set whether specific users on the console can install or uninstall games and apps.

“You can enable access restrictions with a “guest pin” and disable these new controls when a game or app install or uninstall happens,” Xbox experiences senior product manager Alex Charters said. “Your guest will be prompted for the “guest pin” to complete the activity.”

Moving on to PC users, Xbox has released game hubs for all users on the Xbox app. The new hub UI update will let players see any new DLC released for games, friend activity, time played, achievements, and more.

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