Mario & Luigi Brothership Announced For November 2024

Mario And Luigi Trailer

During today’s Nintendo Direct showcase, Nintendo announced Mario & Luigi Brothership will launch on November 7, 2024.

It’s a new platformer featuring the titular heroes, working together to traverse through familiar colorful worlds.

Today’s trailer also began with a brief cinematic starting near Princess Peach’s castle. The sudden appearance of a strange portal hints at the basic premise, where Mario and Luigi must find a way home.

The reveal trailer also features some of the characters, worlds, and mini games that fans can expect. That includes a glimpse of the villainous Bowser, co-op mechanics, and more.

The Mario & Luigi Brothership announcement closely follows the release date reveal for the anticipated Super Mario Bros. sequel film, coming in 2026. The first film prominently focused on Mario and Luigi’s bond, so the new game certainly aligns with that theme.

The Mario game franchise also continues to thrive, as Mario vs. Donkey Kong and Princess Peach: Showtime both hit 1 million units sold.

Some fans might be dismayed that Nintendo has not confirmed the anticipated Switch successor during today’s event. However, the President of Nintendo Shuntaro Furukawa did previously warn fans this Direct would not address that device.

Further, Furukawa did confirm that Nintendo will reveal it sometime within this fiscal year.

Insider Gaming will keep you up to date with everything announced at today’s Nintendo Direct showcase.

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