EXCLUSIVE – All 16 Concord Characters, Weapons and Abilities

Concord Battle Pass

There are currently 16 different characters named Freegunners in Concord, all with different weapons and abilities. In addition to weapons, abilities, and movement style, each character will have one of six “Crew Bonuses”, which are:

Tactician – Faster Reload Speed
Ranger – Improved Weapon Recoil
Haunt – Improved Mobility
Anchor – Increased Healing Received
Breacher – Faster Dodge Cooldown
Warden – Longer Weapon Range

Here are all the names, weapons, and abilities of all 16 characters.

1-Off (Anchor)

Primary weapon – CC-1090 Industrial Vacuum
Secondary weapon – Pressure Blaster

Ability 1 – Air Barrier – Place a projectile-delecting cylinder of air. Gain chargers by filling your Industrial Vacuum.

Ability 2 – Trash Bomb – Bouncing, exploding projectile of compressed trash. Gain charges by filling your Industrial Vacuum.

Passive Ability – Scrap Detector – Objects that can be vacuumed are highlighted [and] Tough as Nails – Incoming body damage is reduced.

Movement Style – Single Jump

Star Child (Breacher)

Primary weapon – Skullbreaker Shotgun

Ability 1 – Rage Rush – Charge forward with the protection of Diamond Skin.

Ability 2 – Power Slam – Slam the ground for an area damage melee attack.

Passive Ability – Diamond Skin – Grants Armor while Rage Rush or Power Slam is active [and] Berserker – Kills refresh all ability energy

Movement Style – Double Jump

Daveers (Breacher)

Primary weapon – MK 5 Burnite Grenade Launcher

Ability 1 – Ignition Dart – Fire damage dart that ignites Burnite pools on contact.

Ability 2 – Power Slam – Burnite Canister – Splashes self-igniting Burnite pools across an area.

Passive Ability – Volatile Chemicals – Burnite pools can be ignited by fire damage from allies.

Movement Style – Double Jump

Daw (Tactician)

Primary weapon – .320 Sanctuary Burst Rifle

Ability 1 – Healing Pad – Drops a healing device that heals nearby allies’ health.

Ability 2 – Safety Dome – Creates a durable protective dome that blocks projectiles.

Passive Ability – Second Wind – Heals a small amount during dodge.

Movement Style – Double Jump

Lark (Tactician)

Primary weapon – Razorpod Launcher

Ability 1 – Transplant Pod – Drops a pod that Lark can return to on second activation.

Ability 2 – Spore Seed – Drops a growing spore on the ground. Standing in the spore’s area grants haste and damage resistance to allies. Enemies are slowed and vulnerable.

Passive Ability – Funal Resistance – Damage resistance stacks with active spores on the map.

Movement Style – Double Jump

It-Z (Haunt)

Primary weapon – EL/120 Electrostatic SMG

Ability 1 – Cosmic Slip – Tosses a sphere of energy. On secondary activation, It-Z will move instantly to the orb’s location.

Ability 2 – Scramble Rebound – Throws chaos energy that will disrupt the enemy’s weapon. On contact, it returns to It-Z and supercharges her weapon.

Passive Ability – Mirror Image – Dodging or using Cosmic Slip leaves behind a decoy.

Movement Style – Double Jump

Lennox (Warden)

Primary weapon – HL-4 “Bell Ringer” Heavy Handgun
Secondary weapon – Chesterly Model 3 Revolver

Ability 1 – Exploding Knife – Throwing knife that explodes on impact.

Ability 2 – Claxton Healing – Regenerates health over a brief duration.

Passive Ability – Gunslinger – Emptying a weapon and quickly swapping to a new weapon will reload the stowed weapon.

Movement Style – Double Jump

Duchess (Ranger)

Primary weapon – BA02 Submachine Gun

Ability 1 – Construct Wall – Creates a wall that blocks sight and enemy movement.

Ability 2 – Ruinous Blast – Projects an area that implodes after a delay. Enemies in the blast take damage and become vulnerable.

Passive Ability – Austorium Resistance – No self-damage from personal blasts.

Movement Style – Double Jump

Vale (Warden)

Primary weapon – Monarch “Long 52” Sniper Rifle
Secondary weapon – Monarch Sidearm

Ability 1 – Leap – Bionically enhanced vertical leap.

Ability 2 – Trip Mine – Thrown mine that attaches to surfaces and detonates when triggered by an enemy.

Passive Ability – Peak Performance – Faster rifle handling on headshot.

Movement Style – Double Jump

Emari (Anchor)

Primary weapon – Rotary Scrap Cannon

Ability 1 – Armor Generator – Generates an area that grants allies Armor. Stacks over time.

Ability 2 – Projectile Shield – Destructible barrier that blocks incoming projectiles.

Passive Ability – Tough as Nails – Incoming body damage is reduced.

Movement Style – Single Jump

Roka (Haunt)

Primary weapon – SAL-90 Light Missile Launcher

Ability 1 – Hover Thrusters – Activate in air to hover in place. Cancel with secondary activation.

Ability 2 – Blast Dive – Blast to ground and deal damage in an area on impact.

Passive Ability – Explosive Jump – Blasts a damaging explosion on double and triple jump [and] Missle Lock – Aiming down sights will target-lock an enemy.

Movement Style – Triple Jump, Air Dodge

Teo (Ranger)

Primary weapon – ZEG-12 Guild Guard Rifle
Secondary weapon – CL ROC 99 Guild Guard Rifle

Ability 1 – Smoke Grenade – Detonates in a cloud of smoke that blocks sight.

Ability 2 – Cluster Grenade – Frag grenade that scatters secondary explosives in a tight area.

Passive Ability – Tactical Weapon Sights – Can see enemies through smoke while aiming down sights.

Movement Style – Double Jump, Double Dodge

Haymar (Warden)

Primary weapon – Flameshot Bow

Ability 1 – Blinding Flash – Projectile that blinds enemies near its explosion. Can be detonated manually with secondary activation.

Ability 2 – Wall of Fire – Projectile that creates a wall of fire in the direction it was thrown.

Passive Ability – Flameshot Charge – Aiming down sights for a short duration will overcharge the primed projectile.

Movement Style – Hover, Air Dodge

Hyps (Tactitian)

Primary weapon – Silenced NC-9 Burst Pistol

Ability 1 – Surveillance Trap – Trap that reveals enemies when triggered. Persists between rounds. Can be harvested for ability charges after activation.

Ability 2 – Disruption Grenade – Disrupts enemies abilities and damages shields. Throwing this will reset your dodge cooldown.

Passive Ability – Active Stealth – Dodging activates stealth for a limited duration [and] Lookout – When defeated, your assailant will be revealed to your team.

Movement Style – Double Jump

Jabali (Ranger)

Primary weapon – Pulse-Guides Seeker Rifle

Ability 1 – Life Pulse – Thrown orb that creates a healing aura around an ally when absorbed.

Ability 2 – Hunter Orb – Offensive orb that seeks out and damages enemies

Passive Ability – Life cycle – Eliminations or Hunter Orb hits recharge Life Pulse.

Movement Style – Triple Jump

Bazz (Haunt)

Primary weapon – Carbon Steel Throwing Knives

Ability 1 – Lunging Strike – Lunge towards enemies with a deadly melee strike.

Ability 2 – Scourge Star – Thrown item that applies the Vulnerable debuff to an enemy, increasing damage health to them.

Passive Ability – Beacon Blades – Hitting an enemy with Throwing Knife will Track them for a short duration.

Movement Style – Double Jump, Triple Dodge, Boosted Slide Jump

Concord is set to have its early BETA access on July 12-14, with an open BETA weekend on Jule 18-21. Concord will be available for the PlayStation 5 and PC.

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