Avowed and Indiana Jones Previews Are Coming After Xbox Games Showcase

indiana jones gameplay PS5

Avowed and Indiana Jones previews will be shown on June 10th, one day after the Xbox Games Showcase.

Insider Gaming has learned that both Avowed and Indiana Jones and The Great Circle will be playable to select media outlets and content creators at this year’s Summer Game Fest. According to those familiar with the plans, both games are expected to be shown at this year’s Xbox Games Showcase, with previews from the hands-on going live on June 10.

Avowed and Indiana Jones have been given a vague 2024 release date, so we’re reasonably confident that both games will also get a definite release date at the event.

During the January 2024 developer direct, we already got a decent look at both Obsidian Entertainment’s Avowed and Bethesda’s Indiana Jones and as we’ll be getting hands-on previews soon after the showcase, we wouldn’t expect anything more than hype trailers and release dates this time around.

As for other games at the Xbox Games Showcase, keep your eyes peeled on Insider Gaming for the latest, as we’ll have more details soon.

Immediately following the Xbox Games Showcase on June 9, Xbox will also hold a unique Black Ops 6 direct, which will offer an unprecedented deep-dive into the game.

Are you excited to see the hands-on gameplay of Avowed and Indiana Jones? Let us know in the comments below.

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