EXCLUSIVE: DOOM: The Dark Ages to be Revealed at Xbox Games Showcase

doom the dark ages

Insider Gaming understands that the next game in the DOOM franchise is set to be revealed during this year’s Xbox Games Showcase on June 9. The game, which has been under the codename/placeholder title ‘Year Zero’ is understood to have the final name ‘DOOM: The Dark Ages’ and has been in development for at least four years.

Last year, I heard of early details of the next entry into the DOOM franchise, which was described to me as a ‘medieval inspired doom world’. While that doesn’t necessarily give much information to go on, ‘year zero’, ‘the dark ages’, and ‘medieval inspired’ starts to paint a vivid picture of where the series could be going next. Perhaps we’ll be taking more of an early look at the Doomslayer’s life during the medieval times? A prequel of sorts?

Earlier this year, rumors began to swirl again about a new DOOM game, following Bethesda’s newly registered trademark, ‘IDKFA’, a well-known cheat code in the series. Last month, The Verge’s Tom Warren first teased that DOOM would be making its way to the Xbox Games Showcase, a rumor that we can now independently verify.

The DOOM series has been a tremendous success for Xbox and ID Software. In 2020, a LinkedIn description from an ID Software employee claimed that the game made over $450 million in revenue.

What are your thoughts on a new DOOM game? Are you looking forward to a Medieval setting with DOOM: The Dark Ages? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. This won’t save Xbox where’s Wolfenstein 3 and the new Quake last I heard id had a new Quake too? If anything Xbox hurts this game if it’s exclusive put it on all platforms so it can do better. There’s way too much animosity against Xbox now. Hopefully Steam sales help this game.

  2. Only if it doesn’t have the sh*tty gimmicks Eternal had. Swordplay is cool, maces or bludgeons are cool, fire pot grenades or crossbows are cool, hell I’d even take Magic as some sort of weapon…but leave the Tarzan swings and dash jumping BS behind.

  3. Too bad Evil Within 3 got cancelled. There’s nothing they can do to repair the damage they’ve already done.

  4. Anything else getting revealed soon? GTA 6 gameplay, Kingdom Hearts 4, Dragon Ball Sparking Zero, Arc System’s new game, anything like that.

  5. It’s too late for Xbox to make amends they would have to do a lot and they can’t do anything. Mech Assault 3, Conker 2, Kameo 2, Lost Odyssey 2, Cry On, Scalebound, Cliff back with Gears, Dragon Flies, Unreal Tournament, Banjo remake, Banjo Threeie, Crimson Skies with Uncharted elements, Perfect Dark gameplay, Half Life 3, Prototype remake or 3, True Crime NY 2, Tenchu remake, THPS 3+4, THUG 1+2, and Dead Or Alive 7 with Itagaki.

  6. DOOM: The Dark Ages sounds like an exhilarating departure from the usual futuristic and hellish environments we’ve seen in the franchise. The medieval setting adds a fresh twist, and the idea of exploring the Doom Slayer’s backstory as a prequel has me intrigued. I can’t wait to rip and tear through history with reckless abandon! 🗡️🔥

    Best wish from JuegoStudio.com

  7. Would rather a Quake reboot, but hey.
    They’ve got a job on their hands following up Eternal and 2016.

  8. Meh, it goes out of the entire scifi doom vibe. But I guess they have made a new Mars and a new Earth game. So for the third have to do something different.

  9. Hell yeah I’m ready!!
    Playing through the series now!!
    The Doom series is the best Bethesda game series!

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