EXCLUSIVE – XDefiant Hits Around 8 Million Unique Players in 1 Week

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Insider Gaming has learned that XDefiant has hit just shy of 8 million unique players in its first week of release.

At the time of writing, XDefiant has approximately 7.6 million unique players, and multiple sources expect that number to reach 8 million by the end of today.

Late last week, Insider Gaming reported that XDefiant had seen 1 million unique players in its first 2.5 hours, making it Ubisoft’s fastest title to reach the milestone. 48 hours after launch, the game had 3 million unique players.

It’s understood that a ‘unique player’ means that the player has downloaded the game and opened it for the first time. The internal goal was to hit 5 million unique players within the game’s first month – a goal that has quickly been surpassed.

As many from our original report pointed out, unique player numbers don’t mean much in the grand scheme of things. Speaking with sources, several developers working on the project have also expressed the same sentiment, but they [developers] have said that it’s being actively addressed, with netcode being the main priority.

Concurrent player data, arguably the most critical metric, has reached a high of around 700,000 players, achieved on Monday, May 27th, a holiday day for many countries. But whether or not XDefiant can maintain such high player numbers remains to be seen—one thing is for certain, though: It’s an impressive statistic.

XDefiant is available on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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  1. Really who? If this was successful then more companies will follow because they all want this success especially now with low sales.

  2. what are the sources? Ubisoft reports it themselves? can we really take those numbers for real? I’d like to know where they come from

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