Halo 7 Gets New Lead Designer

Halo 7

The next game in the Halo franchise has a new lead designer. First spotted by Rebs Gaming, 343 Industries has hired Dan Gniady as the new lead designer for Halo 7, or whatever they decide to call the game.

Gniady previously worked as a lead designer on Hyenas at Creative Assembly, and as a designer at Bungie for a decade. During his time there, he worked on both Destiny titles as well as various expansions for the games.

“After speaking with a ton of cool teams about rad projects I’m getting a shot to work with the Chief and friends,” Gniady posted on his LinkedIn page last month. “I love Halo and am very excited to be a part of adding to its legacy.”

Halo 7 is in development at 343 Industries and appears to be using Unreal Engine based on another job posting. No other details or confirmation about the state of the next game in the franchise has been announced by Microsoft as of writing.

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