What Kind of Game is Zenless Zone Zero? – Answered

Zenless Zone Zero Artwork
Image via HoYoverse

Despite the overwhelming size and popularity of Genshin Impact, plenty of players (myself included) still don’t know much about the game or its studio. Now, with a second title set in a post-apocalyptic futuristic haven, players have questions. Namely, what kind of game is Zenless Zone Zero?

What is Zenless Zone Zero?

Zenless Zone Zero, an extremely nondescript name, is a free-to-play action role-playing game by HoYoverse, the studio behind Genshin Impact. It follows a similar gameplay style, with players assuming the role of a character known as a Proxy, who helps other characters explore alternate dimensions. Inside these dimensions, however, lies all manner of nasty creatures and begins, leading to the game’s frantic and flashy combat.

Zenless Zone Zero features real-time combat with roguelike elements. Additionally, to complement these features, you’ll participate in story and side quests, uncovering the mysteries of the post-apocalyptic world you explore and battle through. Furthermore, along the journey, you’ll meet interesting characters, find loot and battle creatures, and focus on the perfect team composition to win said encounters.

How to Play Zenless Zone Zero

There are only a few platforms and storefronts where you can play Zenless Zone Zero upon release. These include:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • PC (Epic Games Store)
  • PlayStation 5

There is no word about Zenless Zone Zero coming to Steam or Xbox Series X|S, unfortunately. Considering the studio’s last game, Genshin Impact didn’t launch on either, it’s doubtful ZZZ will step out as the oddball.

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