How to Get Kuiper Shards in The First Descendant

The First Descendant Loot
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As a free-to-play looter-shooter, The First Descendant features several resources and in-game currencies to collect that will help power up your ability, weapons, and character. One such resource is Kuiper Shards. This rare item is necessary to become stronger by upgrading your Descendant and Weapon Modules. Here’s how to get Kuiper Shards in The First Descendant!

How to Farm Kuiper Shards in The First Descendant

The easiest way to acquire Kuiper Shards in The First Descendant is by breaking down Modules you no longer want or need. You’ll receive quite a few Shards for dismantling these upgrade components, but it may come back to bite you. If you’d rather not dismantle any Modules, you can farm Kuiper Shards out in the game world by completing quests and defeating enemies.

The first zone, Kingston, offers plenty of missions to tackle solo or with a group of public players. They only take five to ten minutes to complete, and you earn extravagant rewards, like new weapons, Modules, and resources.

If you would rather obtain many Kuiper Shards for your trouble, dismantling is the way to go. Back at base, speak to Silion, the Module Master, about dismantling unequipped Modules.

Why You Need Kuiper Shards in The First Descendant

To become stronger, of course! If you want to upgrade your Modules and Descendants, you require Kuiper Shards. The more powerful the upgrade, the more Kuiper Shards you require!

For example, the first level of a standard Module upgrade will set you back a measly 100 Kuiper Shards and 1,000 Gold. It’s pennies to the average player, and you’ll earn that much or more from a single mission. But for level ten—the final upgrade level for a Module—expect to pay anywhere from 100,000 to 500,000 Kuiper Shards and up to 5,000,000 Gold. It’s expensive and a downright grind that’ll take ages to complete!

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